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We offer a comprehensive physiotherapy equipment and rehabilitation medical equipment system that can cover most of the needs of physiotherapy centers, rehabilitation departments, rehabilitation hospitals, and rehabilitation medical centers.

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    Physical training equipment for rehabilitation. Hundreds types of physical training equipment for sale. Ankle Training Equipment. Wrist CPM. Finger CPM. Training Stair. Parallel Bar. Boating Exerciser. Traction Chair, etc.

    Affordable occupational therapy equipment for rehabilitation exercising to help people with disabilities learn activities of daily living.

    electrotherapy machines

    Through a series of electric signals, physiotherapy equipment is used to relax and rehabilitate muscles, increase local blood circulation, maintain and increase range of motion, and manage chronic pain. We supply a wide range of physiotherapy equipment for pain relief and tissue healing.

    Hydrotherapy is a type of physical therapy that utilizes water to provide many forms of relief and treat a variety of health concerns. We offer a variety of high-quality hydrotherapy equipment and accessories. Hydrotherapy Pools & Baths. Hydrotherapy Equipment. Essential Tools For Rehabilitation.

    Physical Hot and Cold Compression Therapy Device. Hydrocollator Therapy Device. Cryotherapy Therapy Device. Cryogenic Analgesia Device. Paraffin Wax Therapy Device. Supply Various Physiotherapy Equipment.

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