Introduction of APT Trainer

The active-passive training equipment adopts a multi-purpose design concept, it integrates assessment, passive, assists, active and passive, active, isokinetic, and feedback functions to provide patients with more treatment methods to achieve the best results. There are three models for choice: SH-K2000A upper & lower limbs trainer, SH-K2000B APT exerciser for upper limbs, and SH-K2000C APT exerciser for lower limbs training.

  1. With multiple training mode options
    a. Passive training mode:
    When the patient is unable to move by himself, the motor can be used to drive the patient to perform lower limb activities, thereby alleviating the adverse consequences caused by lack of exercise, such as joint stiffness, muscle atrophy, and contracture, osteoporosis, venous thrombosis, etc.
    b. Assisted training mode:
    The assisted training function enables patients to exercise with their own strength through the assistance of equipment under weak muscle strength. It can not only find the residual muscle strength of the patient’s muscles, but also can improve the residual muscle strength of the muscles through regular training, activate the potential of the patient, and finally complete the autonomous movement freely.
    c. Active training mode:
    Those patients with large residual muscle strength can use their own strength for active exercise.
    d. Active and passive training modes:
    Passive and active movements can be switched without gaps to ensure training continuity.
    e. Constant speed mode:
    It is under the premise of active and passive movements, the speed is constant and the resistance changes.
multiple training mode options of Exercise cycle
  1. Active training resistance and passive training speed can be set according to patient requirements.
  2. It can perform timing training or continuous training. The output will be cut off automatically when the set time is reached.
  3. It uses a pneumatic pull rod design, which can adjust the height easily according to the height of the patient.

Application of Arms and Legs Exerciser

The upper-lower active and passive trainer is suitable for functional training of upper and lower limbs of patients in recovery and sequelae periods.
It is used for rehabilitation departments, orthopedics, neurosurgery orthopedics, geriatrics of medical and health institutions at all levels; community health service centers (stations); disabled rehabilitation centers; civil welfare centers, nursing homes, etc.

  • Nervous system disease: Brain injury, stroke (stroke), cerebral palsy, peripheral nerve disorders, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis, etc.
  • Bone and joint system diseases: Late fractures, arthritis, periarthritis, late joint replacement, etc.
  • Diseases of the muscular system: Spasm, muscle atrophy, sports injury, etc.
  • Internal organ disease: Cardiovascular rehabilitation patients such as hypertension and COPD.
application of APT exerciser

Functions of Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Trainer

  1. Spasm protection measures.
  2. Monitor the patient for changes in muscle tone, suggesting spasms.
  3. Use slow pulling to quickly relieve spasms.
  4. Patient Management System.
  5.  Create the patient file.
  6. Patient information query.
  7. Automatic patient evaluation and training data generation

Effects of Using Active Passive Exerciser

  1. Exercise and restore upper and lower limb muscle strength; eliminate muscle tension and reduce muscle spasm;
  2. Improve joint mobility and prevent joint stiffness;
  3. Overcoming the consequences of lack of exercise: such as blood circulation problems, joint stiffness, muscle cramps, digestive problems, defecation problems, osteoporosis, lower extremity edema, etc. Prevent bedsores and venous thrombosis, and promote a smooth flow of urine and urine;
  4. Improve and improve walking ability: Establish and maintain basic functions (motor control, muscle strength, endurance) required for walking, reduce stiffness, and improve walking self-confidence;
  5. Instead of labor, save time and cost.

Technical Data of Active Passive Trainer

details of APT training device for rehabilitation
Model SH-2000A SH-2000B SH-2000C
Weight 56 kg 33 kg 40 kg
Resistance 0-20n
Screen 7′′/10′′ Touch Screen
Voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz
Speed 0-60rpm
Dimension 900*740*1300-1400mm 750*710*1100-1200mm 750*710*1100-1200mm