Introduction of Bedside APT Bike for Upper Limbs

The upper limbs bedside active passive trainer for bedridden is designed for upper limb rehabilitation of bedridden patients. It has five training modes such as with passive, assisted, active, active &passive, and spasm relief. This upper limbs APT bike allows patients to start upper limb exercise training at an early stage, thereby speed up the rehabilitation process.

Active passive training bike
Apt training machine for upper limbs
  1. Five Training Modes for Choice
    a.Passive training mode: When the patient is unable to move by himself, the motor can be used to drive the patient to perform lower limb activities, thereby alleviating the adverse consequences caused by lack of exercise, such as joint stiffness, muscle atrophy, and contracture, osteoporosis, venous thrombosis, etc.
    b. Assisted training mode: The assisted training function enables patients to exercise with their own strength through the assistance of equipment under weak muscle strength. It can not only find the residual muscle strength of the patient’s muscles, but also can improve the residual muscle strength of the muscles through regular training, activate the potential of the patient, and finally complete the autonomous movement freely.
    c. Active training mode: those patients with large residual muscle strength can use their own strength for active exercise.
    d. Active and passive training modes: Passive and active movements can be switched without gaps to ensure training continuity.
    e. Constant speed mode: It is under the premise of active and passive movements, the speed is constant and the resistance changes.
  2. Active training resistance and passive training speed can be set according to patient requirements;
  3. Timing training or continuous training can be carried out, and the output will be automatically cut off when the set time is reached;
  4. The training machine adopts a pneumatic pull rod design, which can easily adjust the height of the training machine according to the patient’s height requirements.
  5. The upper limb training arms can be adjusted telescopically.
training modes of APT training bike

Effects of Upper Limbs Bedside Active Passive Training Bike

  1. Discover the remaining muscle strength of the patient and give auxiliary strength to help the patient complete the exercise;
  2. Effectively solve the problem of upper limb spasm;
  3. Increase the upper limb joint mobility;
  4. Slow down the upper limb muscle atrophy;
  5. Reduce shoulder and back pain;
  6. Restore upper limb proprioception as soon as possible.
Upper limb bicycle
Electric rehabilitation machine
Upper limbs rehabilitation equipment

How to Use Bedside APT Upper Limbs Training Machine

  1. Push the upper limb rehabilitation machine next to the bed, and the patient should be in a semi-supine position of 30°-80°. Twist the knob on the side of the equipment to set the height of the machine body by pressing or pulling the f, and fix the knob;
  2. Adjust the leg split device under the machine body, step on the fixing device to fix the wheels to ensure the stability of the training machine;
  3. Connect the power cord and turn on the power switch;
  4. Fix the patient’s upper limbs on the machine training handle;
  5. Click “Upper Limb Training” at the top of the screen to enter the training interface, select the training mode in the training content according to the patient’s functional status, and click “Start” to enter the training state;
  6. After training, loosen the upper limbs of the patient, turn off the power switch, retract the power cord, step on the fixing device to loosen the wheels, and move the machine out.

Technical Data of Bedside Arm Trainer APT

Model SH-K2000D
Voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz
Speed 0-60rpm
Resistance 0-20n
Screen 7′′/10′′ Touch Screen
Weight 56kg
Dimension 900*740*1300-1400mm