Overview of Motorized Arm Exercise Bike

The arm exercise bike is a motorized active and passive training device, especially for training upper limbs through exercising. This physical therapy arm bike can stimulate muscle movement, achieve the purpose of stimulating nerve; make muscle tension-compression, enhanced the meridians backflow pressure; improve blood circulation; Increase joint mobility, reduce cramps.

comfortable arm exercise bike physical therapy

Features of Therapy Bike for Training Upper Limbs

  1. The microcomputer program sets the speed, time, and controls the pedal direction according to the patient’s muscle tone, and plays the role of spasm protection.
  2. Equipped with automatic muscle spasmodic control device.
  3. Equipped with an 8-inch touch screen, touch keys make setting adjustment feel more comfortable.
  4. Equipped with arm towing, convenient for the patient forearm fixation, handle and arm can be interchangeable during patient’s training.
  5. The upper part can rotate 180 °, handrail adjustable up and down 0-70mm, suitable for different patient training positions.
  6. Two kinds of movement patterns: passive mode and active mode
  7. Training report: when training finish, the screen displays training time, active time, passive time, distance, spasms times, calories, etc
  8. With(NQA) CE approved

Specifications of Physical Therapy Arm Bike

  • Model: SH-ZBD-ID
  • Dimensions: 630mm × 480mm × 1110mm
  • Output power: 80VA
  • Input voltage: AC 220V
  • Fuse: 2A 5 × 20mm
  • Movement speed: 5rpm-55rpm continuously adjustable
  • Treatment time: 0min ~ 60min adjustable
  • Spasticity: 1-3 level adjustable
  • Spasm time: 2s-28s adjustable
  • Motor output power: Be divided into high, medium, and low 3 levels