Introduction of Kids APT Trainer

Children’s intelligent active and passive rehabilitation machine is specially designed for disabled children. Based on kinematics and neurophysiology, it uses active exercising and passive exercising modes to optimize neural networks and motor functions, and promote the improvement of their limb coordination ability, so that the whole body and part functions can reach an ideal recovery state. Thus the children’s ability of daily living is improved and children can have a healthy and happy childhood.

Humanized Design of Disable Kids Training Bike

  • USB data storage, life-long program upgrade;
  • Double safety protection of voice control and exit button;
  • Intimate upper limb training pallets, which is convenient for the training of children with weak muscle strength;
  • Humanized body design, height is adjustable.
Humanized Design of Disable Kids Training Bike
  • Passive training mode
    Continuous passive training driven by a motor has positive significance for spastically paralyzed limbs.
  • Assisted training mode
    Motor-assisted zero resistance training. The device can detect residual muscle strength and automatically provide auxiliary strength to help children complete circular motions
  • Active training mode
    Complete exercise through the children’s own muscle strength, which can strengthen muscle strength, improve cardiopulmonary function, and enhance kid’s self-confidence.
  • Active & passive training mode
    There is no gap conversion between passive movement and active movement, which enhances the coordination of training.
  • Constant speed mode 
    It is under the premise of active and passive movements, the speed is constant and the resistance changes.

Application of Kid Active Passive Exerciser

  1. Children with movement disorders such as cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and polio.
  2. Children’s rehabilitation departments of medical and health institutions at all levels, maternity and child health care centers, disabled persons’ federation rehabilitation centers, civil affairs welfare institutions, and other children’s rehabilitation institutions.
Children's situational interactive rehabilitation training system

Clinical Efficacy by Using the Active Passive Trainer

  • Restore muscle strength of upper and lower limbs, eliminate muscle tension, and relieve muscle spasm;
  • Improve joint mobility and prevent joint stiffness;
  • Improve walking ability, establish and maintain the basic functions required for walking (motor control, muscle strength, muscle endurance), reduce stiffness, and improve self-confidence for walking;
  • Promote the reconstruction of nerve function activities;
  • Promote blood circulation and enhance metabolism;
  • Replace labor, save time and cost;
  • It has a wide range of uses and a remarkable curative effect.

Technical Data of APT for Child

Model SH-2000F SH-2000G SH-2000H
Net Weight 34kg 25kg 29kg
Dimension 750 * 580 * 900mm
Resistance 0-20Nm
Speed 1-60r/min
Touch Screen 7”/10” Touch screen
Five training Modes Passive, Active, Assistance, Active&passive, Constant speed
Voltage 220v ± 10%, 50Hz ± 10%