Introduction of Portable Anti DVT Air Compression Therapy Device for Lower Limbs

The lower limb compression therapy device adopts the circulation pressure massage method, which can prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) by accelerating blood circulation and promoting venous blood return speed and flow rate. During the pressurization process, three pressure balloons are inflated distally to proximally, and continuous pressure is applied to push blood to circulate from bottom to top.

Portable Anti DVT Air Compression Therapy Device for Lower Limbs
Anti DVT Air Compression Therapy Device for Circulation Calf Feet Thigh Massage

Principle of Air Compression Lower Limb Therapy Machine

Compression therapy apparatus mainly through to the multi-cavity airbags have order repeatedly deflated, formed the cycle stress of body and organization, the body of the distal to the body of the proximal to evenly and orderly, improves blood and lymph flow, and the function of improve micro-circulation, accelerate the body tissue fluid backflow, helps to prevent the formation of thrombus, prevention of limb oedema, can directly or indirectly be associated with blood lymph circulation treatment of many diseases.

Features of Portable Anti DVT Therapy Device

  1. Small and beautiful, simple operation, easy to carry, can be used for medical or household use.
  2. 2 treatment modes.
  3. The internal rechargeable battery can last up to 6 hours on a single charge.
  4. Less looseness.
  5. Anti-electromagnetic interference.
  6. Humanized design, with low power prompt function.

Therapeutic Applications of Lower Limb Compression Therapy Device

  • Prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and venous insufficiency.
  • Lymphedema, postpartum edema and other primary, secondary and mixed edema.
  • Fracture, femoral head necrosis, soft tissue injury, and other bone injuries.
  • Peripheral neuritis and diabetic foot caused by diabetes.
  • Postoperative rehabilitation.
  • Paraplegia.
  • Patients with varicose veins.
  • Patients who are standing, sitting, or bedridden for a long time.

Technical Data of Anti DVT Air Compression Therapy Device for Lower Limbs

  • Model: SH-K-DVT-1
  • One treatment mode
  • Pressure: 100mmHg and 120mmHg
  • 3 chambers
  • Each charge lasts 6 hours