Introduction of Air Compression Leg Therapy Massage Machine

We offer versatile, user-friendly leg compression therapy machines. The main principle of the air compression device is to sequentially inflate and deflate the multi-chamber airbag repeatedly to form the circulation pressure on the limbs and tissues and achieve the effect of promoting the flow of blood and lymph circulation and improving the microcirculation. Our compression machines are clinically proven to help patients suffering from lymphatic and venous disorders. They are equipped with functionality recommended by vascular surgeons, lymphedema therapists, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals. Various models for your choice, such as SH-K-WIC-1, SH-K-WIC-2, SH-K-WIC-3, SH-K-WIC-4, SH-K-LC-3, SH-K-LC-4, and SH-K-LC-5.

Top Features of Compression Therapy Devices Leg Massager

  • Our sequential compression devices feature various modes, cycle time, treatment times, and pressure ranges allowing for individualized treatment-from the most basic patient needs to complex diagnoses and prescriptions.
  • Reliable performance. Engineered for repeated inflation & deflation crucial for compression therapy success.
  • Strategic design. Carefully chosen materials for patient comfort & sturdy performance.
  • With air filter function, prolong the service life of the compressor.

Therapeutic Applications of Air Compression Therapy Machines

Physiotherapy air compression massager for leg compression therapy
Surgical Instrument compression Therapy for leg Rehabilitation Therapy
air compression therapy system for leg massage
  • Prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and venous insufficiency.
  • Lymphedema, postpartum edema, and other primaries, secondary and mixed edema.
  • Fracture, femoral head necrosis, soft tissue injury, and other bone injuries.
  • Peripheral neuritis and diabetic foot caused by diabetes.
  • Postoperative rehabilitation.
  • Paraplegia.
  • Patients with varicose veins.
  • Patients who are standing, sitting, or bedridden for a long time.