Introduction of Microwave Diathermy Physiotherapy Equipment for Deep Tissue Pain Relief

The microwave diathermy machine uses 2450MHz high-frequency electromagnetic waves to heat the deep tissues. Heat is produced by the resistance of tissue to the passage of energy. The thermal physiological effects of microwave diathermy(MWD) can increase tissue temperature, increase blood flow, increase metabolism, reduce inflammation and swelling, and relieve pain in diseased tissues. It also promotes the repair of damaged cell functions and the growth of new granulation and improves the immunity of local tissues, to achieve the effect of curing diseases. The microwave diathermy unit is used in physiotherapy departments in clinics and hospitals. Five models for choice: HYJ-I, HYJ-II, HYJ-III, HYJ-IV, and HYJ-IV (Enhanced version).

Advantages of Microwave Diathermy Physiotherapy Equipment

HYJ-I Microwave Physiotherapy Equipment

  • Single output.
  • Portable design, easy to move, meet the needs of clinical treatment.
  • Using a high-quality electromagnetic oscillation circuit, the working life is more than 50,000 hours.
  • Micro-computer control, the output is accurate and stable.
  • Voltage automatic feedback system, which makes the operation safe and reliable.
single channel output-microwave diathermy therapy machine
adjustable support arm
made of high-quality materials

HYJ-II MWD Microwave Physiotherapy Equipment

  • Luxurious trolley design, convenient to move, meeting the needs of clinical treatment;
  • Microcomputer control, the output power is more stable;
  • Using a high-quality imported electromagnetic oscillation circuit, the working life is more than 50,000 hours;
  • Output power overload protection ensures safe treatment;
  • Using a high-frequency coaxial cable, the leakage and loss is minimal.
MWD machine can increase tissue temperature
Physical therapy Equipment microwave machine for physiotherapy
physiotherapy equipment microwave diathermy microwave therapy machine for pain relief

HYJ-III MWD Microwave Physiotherapy Equipment

  • Trolley design, adjustable arms, convenient for treatment.
  • Digital circuit control, stable output;
  • The power and time are adjustable;
  • With intermittent output and continuous output mode;
  • Imported magnetron with stable performance;
  • Strong penetrability, deep anti-inflammatory, and pain relief.
  • Microcomputer control, the output power is more stable.
  • Output power overload protection, treatment is safer.
  • Equipped with a rotatable support arm, convenient for medical staff to operate.
Microwave Therapy Device
Portable Microwave Therapy Device Hospital Equipment for Rehabilitation

HYJ-IV MWD Microwave Physiotherapy Equipment

  • Dual-way radiator independent output, available for the treatment of two patients simultaneously and efficiently;
  • High-frequency coaxial cable transmission, resulting in minimal leakage and loss;
  • Luxury trolley design, consistent with the clinical treatment needs;
  • Excellent electromagnetic oscillation circuit, with the working life of more than 50,000 hours;
  • Microcomputer control, precise and stable in the output;
  • Voltage automatic feedback system for output power overload protection, safe and reliable in the operation.
digital display screen of MWD therapy equipment
rotatable support arm of MWD therapy device
MWD therapy machine with trolley design

HYJ-IV (Enhanced version) MWD Microwave Physiotherapy Equipment

  • Microcomputer control, more stable output power;
  • Overload protection of output power, safer treatment;
  • Equipped with rotatable support arm, convenient operation of medical personnel.
Continuous & Pulsed Microwave Diathermy device
Microwave Diathermy in Pain Relief Machine

Therapeutic Applications of MWD Physiotherapy Equipment

  1. Sports trauma: muscle injury, contusion, crush injury, various ligament strains, breaks, etc.;
  2. Department of Orthopedics and Pain: Pain in the neck, shoulder, waist and leg, lumbar disc herniation, tennis elbow, heel pain, rheumatic joint pain, etc.;
  3. Surgery: breast hyperplasia, mastitis, acute cellulitis, incision infection and promotion of wound healing, etc.;
  4. Obstetrics and Gynecology: Acute and chronic vaginitis, adnexitis, primary or secondary pelvic inflammatory disease, recovery of the uterus after abortion, ovarian cysts, etc.;
  5. Neurology: Facial neuritis, intercostal neuritis, peripheral neuritis caused by various reasons, repair after nerve injury, etc.;
  6. Dermatology: skin ulcers, shingles, diabetic complications “diabetic feet”.

Specifications of Microwave Physiotherapy Equipment

Input power 385VA 430VA 1400VA 800VA
Size of radiator Φ83×95mm Φ83×95mm 430*120*99mm Φ83×95mm
Length of support arm 340mm+380mm 340mm+380mm 910mm 340mm+380mm
Treatment time 0-30min 0-30min 1-20min 0-30min
Output mode

continuous and pulse mode

Dimension 420*357*245mm 390*440*845mm 476*410*965mm 390*440*845mm