Introduction of Pulsed Shortwave Diathermy Therapy System Physiotherapy Equipment

The pulsed short-wave diathermy therapy system uses electron tube oscillation to generate short waves with a working frequency of 27.12MHz and outputs energy through capacitor electrodes. The lesion part is placed between two square electrode plates. Under the action of a radio frequency electric field, the molecules and ions in the lesion vibrate in a parallel position and rubs against each other to produce a thermal effect. This thermal effect will heat the surface and deep tissues of the affected area evenly, which can enhance vascular permeability, improve micro-circulation, regulate endocrine, strengthen the metabolism of the tissue body, and reduce the excitability of sensory nerves, so as to relieve the pain.

features of 27.12MHz Shortwave Therapy Medical Equipment

Clinical Mechanism of Shortwave Diathermy Physiotherapy Equipment

Electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 27.12MHz are used in clinical treatment. There are three main effects of shortwave acting on the human body: thermal effect, micro-thermal effect, and non-thermal effect.

1. Thermal effect

The internal heat generated after the tissue absorbs electric energy, which can reach the deep part of the body, with uniformity and selectivity. This feature has a unique therapeutic effect on nerves, bones, and internal organs.

2. Micro-heat effect

It can improve blood circulation, has the effects of analgesia, anti-inflammatory, and lower muscle tension.

3. No heat effect

It has a unique clinical effect on anti-inflammatory, accelerating tissue growth and repair, and improving immunity under sub-acute conditions.

Advantages of Physiotherapy Shortwave Therapy Diathermy Equipment

introduction of control panel
five levels of output power for selection
automatic preheating
Physiotherapy Equipment Pain Relief Shortwave Diathermy
  • Automatic and fast preheating, the preheat time is no more than 120s, which lets the patient feel heat effect faster.
  • Five levels of output power adjustable: 20W, 40W, 60W, 100w, and 200W; allowable error limits: ±20%;
  • Five levels of treatment time adjustable: 10min, 15min, 20min, 25min, and 30min; allowable error limits for each level: ±5%;
  • Automatic alarm and automatic delay protection circuit.
  • The main unit is easy to store.
  • Equipped with silent wheels, easy to move and reduce manpower.
  • The electromagnetic wave of the short-wave treatment instrument has a lower frequency than the previous radiofrequency microwave and has a strong wavelength penetrating power, which makes the treatment more accurate and effective, thereby improving the treatment efficiency.

Specifications of Pain Relief Shortwave Diathermy Unit

  • Model: SH-K-CDB-IV
  • Dimension: 430*330*830mm
  • Rated voltage: AC 220v 50Hz;
  • Rated output power: 700VA;
  • Working frequency: 27.12MHz, allowable error limits: ±5%;
  • Pulse modes:
    (1) Pulse modulation frequency: Sparse wave MF 70Hz, dense wave DF 350Hz, allowable error limit± 10%;
    (2) Modulation waveform: square wave;
    (3) Modulated pulse width: thin 7.15ms, dense 1.43ms;
    (4) Pulse modulation degree: one hundred percent;

Other Models of Physiotherapy Shortwave Therapy Diathermy Equipment