Overview of Body-weight Support Treadmill Gait Training System

The body-weight support treadmill gait training system is the most comprehensive, versatile, and affordable gait training rehabilitation equipment to support therapists, doctors, coaches, and podiatrists in gait analysis and therapy. This treadmill-assisted gait training system alleviates harmful joint impact, allowing patients to enjoy safe, pain-free exercise, long period-fast gait training, and stellar sports performance enhancement workouts.

Clinic gait and balance treadmill training system

Features of Unweighting System Weight Supported Treadmill

  1. Through the sling and harness control, reduce the bearing capacity from lower limbs or waist.
  2. Electric Gait Training Device can be able to combine with the medical treadmill, which makes the training more efficient. With the help of a special medical treadmill, it will be easier for the patient to walk, moving and can maximize the effectiveness and speed up the rehabilitation.
  3. With electrical point control operation, the lifting range can be adjusted continuously.
  4. With an emergency UPS device, the instrument is able to work when there is no power and it can last for 1 week.
  5. With a sponge armrest to maintain body balance or support the body, personal safety can be guaranteed.
  6. Inflatable vest and leg strap to make training more comfortable.
  7. The height of the vertical column is adjustable.
Body support treadmill details
the sling and harness of unweighted gait system
Body support treadmill details

Parameter of Body-weight Supported Treadmill System

  • Model: SH-YBJ-1A
  • Power: <1.8kw 220v 50Hz DC24V
  • Loading weight: 135kg
  • Weight: 280kg
  • Dimension: 116x85x230-270cm
  • Speed of Treadmill: 0-11MPH
  • Gradient of treadmill: 0%-15%
  • column lifting adjustment: 0-33cm
  • Gait Training poweradjustment: 0-990N
  • Material: aluminum
  • Height: 196-236cm
  • Adjustable height range of armrest:75-158cm
  • Adjustable front to back range of armrest:16-30cm
  • Width of armrest: 59cm