Overview of Physiogait Partial Body Weight Support System

The electric body weight-supported gait training system has an open design and uses an electric lift structure to help patients stand up from the wheelchair, remove a pre-settable portion of the weight load from the patient’s leg to ensure that the patient is properly standing and walking, it is more convenient for doctors to help patients with walking training and provide a safe treatment environment for patients and therapists.

Partial body weight support system
affordable dynamic unweighting system

Features of Reliable Support System for Rehabilitation

  1. The combination of balance training, rehabilitation running gear, and gait training machine provide more adequate clinical use space, provides partial weight load training for normal walking, helps control walking posture, improves balance and coordination, increases heart and lung function and endurance.
  2. The original imported controller and actuator are adopted to make the instrument stable and noiseless.
  3. Using the indicator light, the weight can be read directly.
  4. Lockable universal castors, ultra-quiet, mobile and flexible.
  5. Equipped with an inflatable vest and leg strap, prolonged use without discomfort.
  6. Double protective seat belt, the instrument is safer and more reliable.
  7. With an emergency UPS device, the instrument will work as usual after power failure.
Reliable support system for rehabilitation

Specification of Electric Dynamic Unweighting System

  • Model: SH-K-M3
  • Power supply: DC24V ± 3V
  • Built-in Battery power: 12V 7.2A
  • Rated input power: 50VA
  • Specification (cm): 130 x 132 x 250
  • Control mode: Electric control
  • Armrest adjustment range (cm): 0 ~ 32
  • Weight reduce power range: 0 ~ 990N, step 10N
  • Display: LCD display