Overview of Electric Partial-Weight-Bearing Gait Therapy Device

Electric gait training therapy device is widely used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation center. According to the requirement to reduce the bearing capacity from the lower limb or waist in the training of patients, walking safety will be ensured through sling control. The flexible caster with a brake ensures less resistance during walking training.

Electric gait trainer unweighting system

Applications of Electric Unweighting System for Exercise

It is used for patients after stroke, patients in long-term bed, and other lower limb dysfunction. With the help of the gait training device, the patients could recover the lower limb function gradually, the muscle becomes stronger, and reduce stiffness.

Features of Gait Training Therapy Equipment

  1. Through the sling and harness control, reduce the bearing capacity from lower limbs or waist.
  2. Electric Gait Training Device can be able to combine with the medical treadmill, which makes the training more efficient. With the help of a special medical treadmill, it will be easier for the patient to walk, moving and can maximize the effectiveness and speed up the rehabilitation.
  3. With electrical point control operation, the lifting range can be adjusted continuously.
  4. With an emergency UPS device, the instrument is able to work when there is no power and it can last for 1 week.
  5. With a sponge armrest to maintain body balance or support the body, personal safety can be guaranteed.
  6.  Inflatable vest and leg strap to make training more comfortable.
  7. The height of the upright post is adjustable.
the gait trainer can combine with the medical treadmill

Parameter of Electric Unweighting Gait Trainer

  • Model: SH-YBJ02
  • Power: <1.8kw 220v 50Hz DC24V
  • Weight:188kg
  • Dimension: 126x115x213cm
  • Uprightlifting adjustment range: 0-33cm
  • Gait Training Torqueadjustment range: 0-990N