Overview of Rehabilitation Parallel Bars with Base

The rehabilitation parallel bars are physiotherapy equipment specially used in physical and occupational rehabilitation therapy. It is used for patients with joint and nervous system dysfunction as well as elder people to do gait training. With the aid of upper limbs, use for gait and standing training, walking foot valgus correction, and hip abduction, increase the stability of walking. Suitable for gait practice.

  • Height adjustable

  • With base

  • With correction board

  • Portable

Rehabilitation parallel bars with base
Parallel bars physiotherapy equipment

Features of Physical Therapy Parallel Bars

  1. Material: steel-wood frame, carpet cover, stainless steel handrail pipe, wood correction board.
  2. The height and the width of the parallel bars are adjustable.
  3. The correction board can be changed according to different purposes. It is with no painting and no other smell.
  4. The carpet cover is used to protect the patients from skipping.
  5. The stainless steel handrail makes the training more safe and stable.
Physical therapy parallel bars features

Specification of Portable Rehab Parallel Bars

  • Model: SH-PHG-1
  • Height: 71-95cm
  • Width: 85-120cm
  • Length: 326cm
  • Load capacity: 135kg