Overview of Manual Gait Training Device

The manual body weight supported gait training device is used for patients with lower limbs disability caused by arthritis, nervous system dysfunction to do walking training and recover walking function. It is used to reduce the pressure of whole body to lower limbs of the patient through the hanging belts during training. Which can make sure the training safety.

Manual Gait Training Device body weight supported

Features of Gait Rehabilitation System

  • It can be equipped with a treadmill.
  • It has a safe emergency stop device to protect the safety of users.
  • Adjustable bolt: height adjustable.
  • It uses an imported motor.
details of JZB-01 Manual Unweighing Body Weight Support Gait Training Equipment

Specification of Manual Body Weight Supported Gait Training Device

  • Model: SH-JZB-01
  • Dimension: 120×84.5x(240-280)cm
  • Material: steel
  • Lifting height adjustment range: 200-242 cm
  • Belt sling adjustment range: 0-45cm
  • Adjustment handle torque: 0-150 N
  • Function: Used for walking and standing rehabilitation training
  • Application: Rehabilitation center, hospital, clinic