Overview of Unweighted Gait Training System with Treadmill and Exercise Bike

Unweighted gait training system with medical treadmill and exercise bike is the deluxe version of gait rehabilitation system, which provides the most versatile solution to lower limb exercising and training. It is widely used in rehab training and neurorehabilitation. According to the requirement to reduce the bearing capacity from the lower limb or waist in the training of patients, walking safety will be ensured through sling control.

Unweighted gait training system with medical treadmill and exercise bike

Features of Multi-solution Unweighted Gait Rehabilitation System

  1. Unweighted gait rehabilitation system in conjunction with medical treadmill and exercise bike (optional) to help control walking posture and provide more room for clinical use.
  2. With the help of the sling and harness, it is easier for the patient to keep standing status.
  3. Use electric point control operation.
  4. With an emergency UPS device, the instrument is able to work as usual after a power cut.
  5. Adopt an indicator to display power.
  6. Two gait training systems are available respectively.
  7. The sling device is with manual inflation function.

Specifications of Electric Gait Trainer Rehabilitation Equipment with Treadmill and Exercise Bike

  • Model: SH-YBJ05
  • Power: <1.8kw 220v 50Hz DC24V
  • Loading weight: 135kg
  • Weight: 380kg
  • Dimension: 120x232x245cm
  • Speed of treadmill: 0-11MPH
  • Gradient of treadmill: 0%-15%
  • column lifting adjustment: 0-603cm
  • Gait Training power adjustment 0-990N
  • Exercise bike:
  1. Exercise time, distance, speed, calorie, and pulse are shown on the LCD display.
  2. The resistance and seat height of the exercise bike is adjustable.