Description of SH-D04-7 Multifunctional ICU Nursing Bed

SH-D04-7 multifunctional ICU nursing bed is designed to maximize patient comfort while also prioritizing caregiver safety and ergonomics. This bed features an Angle indicator which shows the angles of the backrest and the tilt of the whole bed mattress platform respectively. The bed maintains a low, safe height during the position change, ensuring patient safety and comfort while also maximizing caregiver efficiency.

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Specifications of Multifunctional ICU Nursing Bed

  • Model: SH-D04-7
  • Back section up and down: ≥70°
  • Leg section up and down: ≥40°
  • Hi-lo adjustable: 560-850mm
  • Trendelenburg/ reverse trendelenburg: ≥10°
  • Side tilt angle: ≥13°
  • Max loading weight: 200kg
  • Dimension: 2210x1060x520-880mm
  • Weight: 115kg
  • Optional configuration: Mattress, over bed table, and oddment shelf

Features of SH-D04-7 Hospital Bed

  1. ABS bed head, sturdy and beautiful;
  2. ABS large guardrail to prevent falling;
  3. Intelligent control screen and angle display area, easy to operate;
  4. Anti-collision wheel to ensure safety during transportation.
details and features of Electric 7 function ICU Nursing Bed

Main Parts of Mechanical Structure ICU Bed

1. ABS side rails

The 4pcs PP side rails with operating buttons not only provide the patient with protection against falls but also users can operate body position according to users requirement.

2. Best back platform board

It can do X-ray imaging available, so users can do X-rays without changing the bed.

4. Protective corner bumpers

5. Lifting pole or infusion stand holes

6. Mattress holders

7. Angle indicator

The angle gauges of side rails in the head and foot direction show the angles of the backrest and the tilt of the whole bed mattress platform respectively.

8. Extension of the bed

The integrated bed extension adjusts the mattress platform length to the individual patient’s height.

9. Four 125mm castors with a central locking system

10. Manual CPR

The electric CPR is equipped with a damping device, which can let the backrest fall down slowly to ensure the safety of the patient when the power is off, the whole process can be a single-hand operation.

11. LED Soft light

how to install SH-D04-7 Multifunctional ICU Nursing Bed

Material and Processing Technology

  1. The bed upper adopts a 40×80 square tube with a thickness of 1.2mm, and 4 drainage hooks are added on both sides of the bed upper, which can place multiple drainage bags at the same time.
    The bed surface adopts a stamped panel with a thickness of 1.2mm. The bed connecting parts are all made of thick-walled pipes above 2.75mm or 3mm cold plate stamping.
  2. Welding process
    The robot is used for flat and full welding, the welding is firm, and the welding place is smooth and durable.
  3. Bed spraying process:
    The surface of the bed body is made by electrostatic spraying after sandblasting with steel shots to remove rust. The bed body is coated with antistatic powder, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and fading.