Description of SH-A03 Electric Hospital Bed with Side Rails

SH-A03 electric five-function hospital bed with side rails is a multifunctional electric adjustable bed, which incorporates the essential safety features to keep patients on the recovery path. The open-architecture design allows for quick and easy cleaning, helping to reduce the risk of infection. The intuitive controls make it easy to use.

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Electric hospital beds with side rails

Specification of SH-A03 Hospital Bed for Disabled Patient

  • Model: SH-A03
  • Max loading weight: 200kg
  • Dimension: 2150*950*490-720mm
  • Packing size: 2180*970*490mm
  • Weight: 115kg

Five Functions of SH-A03 Adjustable Patient Nursing Bed

1. Back lifting function (meal and infusion available)

Back lift 0-70°±5°

2. Leg lifting function

Leg lift 0-35°±5°

3. Tilt the whole bed back and forth

  • Forward tilt:
    Reduce blood flow in the lower limbs and increase cerebral perfusion. For patients with insufficient cerebral blood supply, it has significant benefits and can assist body drainage.
  • Posterior tilt:
    It helps to reduce intracranial pressure and prevent cerebral edema after craniotomy.
    Forward angle 0-12°, backward angle 0-12°

4. Height adjustable from 490-720mm.
5. Emergency stop switch, emergency power off.

features of multi-functional electric adjustable hospital bed

Main Parts of SH-A03 Multifunctional Nursing Bed

1. Electric push rod

It adopts 4 sets of imported motors, stable performance, reliable quality, no noise, strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, stable operation, large push-pull torque, and has passed international medical-grade safety certification. Safe, constant speed, silent, no static electricity.

2. Head and footboard

Adopting ABS injection molding head and tail, environmentally friendly material, the surface is smooth and seamless, easy to wipe, more convenient to clean, no deformation, stable and reliable, impact resistance, firmness, and chemical resistance. The appearance is beautiful and luxurious, with ergonomic handles.

3. Guardrail

The ABS guardrail is blow-molded at one time, with 2 pieces on one side. It can be automatically locked when raised, and the distance from the bed surface is 280mm.
Each guardrail independently bears more than 50KG.
After being put down, it can be hidden under the bed panel to realize zero-gap transfer.
The guardrail safety switch is designed to be placed under the guardrail to avoid misoperation by patients.
The head guardrail and the bed board keep rising and falling synchronously.
With booster gas spring, easy to operate

4. Casters

It adopts one-word central control double-sided silent casters, four wheels can be operated synchronously, with brake and universal control. Noise-free, anti-winding, high load-bearing capacity, equipped with a centrally controlled brake device, which realizes the control function by controlling the foot pedal pressure at the end of the bed. The casters have a good sealing performance to prevent dust from entering, high wear resistance, beautiful appearance, reliable locking, flexible rotation.

5. Infusion stand

The infusion stand is a lifting type, and the height can be adjusted according to user needs. The main pipe is made of a high-quality stainless steel tube, with two hooks (optional), which can carry out multiple bottles of infusion at the same time and can be directly pulled out for flexible use when not in use.

6. The bed can bear a weight of ≥250kg.

Material and Processing Technology

  • The bed upper adopts a 40×80 square tube with a thickness of 1.2mm, and 4 drainage hooks are added on both sides of the bed upper, which can place multiple drainage bags at the same time.
    The bed surface adopts a stamped panel with a thickness of 1.2mm.
    The bed connecting parts are all made of thick-walled pipes above 2.75mm or 3mm cold plate stamping.
  • Welding process
    The robot is used for flat and full welding, the welding is firm, and the welding place is smooth and durable.
  • Bed spraying process
    The surface of the bed body is made by electrostatic spraying after sandblasting with steel shots to remove rust.
    The bed body is coated with antistatic powder, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and fading.