Description of SH-D04-8 Electric 8-Function Hospital Bed

SH-D04-8 hospital bed offers maximum functionality with minimal complexity, which provides complete control of head and knee positioning and bed height. All positions are controlled electrically to provide convenience to the patient and the caregiver. So the caregiver can spend less time and energy operating the bed and more time focusing on essential tasks such as mobilizing your patients and ensuring their safety.

Specifications of SH-D04-8 Adjustable Hospital Healthcare Bed

  1. Model: SH-D04-8
  2. Back section up and down: ≥70°
  3. Leg section up and down: ≥40°
  4. Hi-lo adjustable: 560-850mm
  5. Trendelenburg/ reverse trendelenburg: ≥10°
  6. Side tilt angle: ≥13°
  7. Max loading weight: 200kg
  8. Dimension: 2210*1060*520-880mm
  9. Weight: 115kg
  10. Optional configuration: Mattress, over bed table, oddment shelf
  11. Standard configuration
  • 1 pair of head & footboard
  • ABS bed platform
  • 2 pairs of ABS side rails with damping device
  • 5 pcs Linear Actuators
  • 4 pcs Dia.125mm castors with central locking
  • 4 pcs Drainage hook
  • Backup battery optional
  • UPS(24v)

Functions of SH-D04-8 Practical ICU Mulit-function Electric Bed

  • Back Section Up & Down
  • Leg Section Up & Down
  • Hi-Lo adjustment
  • Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg
  • Auto Manual CPR Function
  • One-key chair
  • One-key laying
  • One-key trendelenburg
  • One-key off bed
  • LED soft light
  • Off-bed alarm system
  • Load cell system
  • Left-right incline
  • Backrest X-ray imaging available

Main Parts of SH-D04-8 Hospital Steel Bed

  1. ABS Side Rails: The 4pcs PP side rails with operating buttons not only provide the patient with protection against falls but also the user can operate body position according to users requirement.
  2. Best back Platform board: it can do X-ray imaging available, so users can do X-ray without changing the bed.
  3. Protective corner bumpers
  4. Lifting pole or infusion stand holes
  5. Mattress holders
  6. Angle Indicator: The angle gauges of side rails in the head and foot direction show the angles of the backrest and the tilt of the whole bed mattress platform respectively.
  7. Extension of the bed: The integrated bed extension adjusts the mattress platform length to the individual patient’s height.
  8. Four 125mm castors with a central locking system
  9. Manual CPR: The electric CPR is equipped with a damping device, which can let the backrest fall down slowly to ensure the safety of the patient when the power is off, the whole process can be a single-hand operation.
  10. LED Soft light