Introduction of Tilting Rehabilitation Bed for Hospital

This tilting rehabilitation bed combines the therapeutic function of the rising bed with the position and comfortable design of the bed. It can allow patients with transfer inconvenience to perform standing training as soon as possible, improve ventilation, and prevent lung infection and falling pneumonia; Conducive to drainage of pulmonary secretions, duodenal drainage, traction of lower limb fractures, etc.

rehabilitation bed
tilting bed

The traditional mode of early rehabilitation, need to transfer from ward patients to the training room, and this is an unknown process, involves the handling, emergency patients with emergency disposal needle (oxygen, water, etc.), all kinds of pipeline layout, and electric stood up rehabilitation bed can be directly in bed early upright training, can solve the inconvenience and potential safety hazard.

Main Functions of Electric Standing Bed

It integrates the five body positions (upright position, vertical head supine position, leg bent-knee position, sitting position, concave lying position), suitable for different patient positions; lifting column, ultra-quiet, soft start and stop, more experience comfortable.

Functions of rehabilitation training bed
rehabilitation equipment tilt table functions

Applications of Rehabilitation Training Bed with Upright Standing Function

Features of Electric Hospital Bed with Upright Standing Function

  • Angle: 0~75°; provide progressive upright training;
  • Continuously adjustable leg flexion and extension: 0~28°, to prevent limb numbness, etc., to facilitate leg care;
  • Back up and down continuously adjustable: 0~70°, able to sit up independently, reducing the labor intensity of nursing;
  • The vertical head is continuously adjustable in supine position: 0~12°, which is convenient for first aid and expectoration operation;
  • Electric lifting adjustment range: 26cm, vertical lifting, convenient for patient transfer.
height adjustable rehabilitation bed with remote controller

Specifications of Tilting Hospital Bed for Rehabilitation Training

  • Model: SH-ZL7
  • Dimension (L*W*H):2120mm*980mm*420-750mm
  • Sleep Surface:1950*900
  • Product Weight:109kg
  • Maximum Patient Weight:250kg
  • Limited Warranty: 2 year