Overview of ABS First-Aid Emergency Trolley

Light, manageable, and strong, our ABS first-aid emergency trolley is designed to easily carry all equipment needed for medical emergencies. Our emergency crash carts are constructed of aluminum and sealed.

crash cart trolley
Emergency trolley
Emergency cart

Details and Features of Hospital Emergency Crash Cart

back details of hospital emmergency trolley
  1. Mainly composed of aluminum, steel, and ABS engineering plastics; aluminum alloy. Four pillars bearing load;
  2. The injection molding process of ABS arc bottom has armrests on both sides. There are no gaps on the three sides of the ABS integrated guardrail. The injection molding process of table bread includes a guardrail is formed once. The table with a concave height of 60-80 mm is equipped with transparent soft glass.
  3. The left side of car body: defibrillator platform, hidden telescopic sub-workbench, case file box;
  4. The right side of the car body is equipped with a concealed telescopic infusion frame, a net basket round needle barrel, and a double dirt barrel.
  5. Back of the car body: defibrillator, concealed telescopic oxygen cylinder bracket, movable 5-meter power cord;
  6. Front of the car body: central control lock, equipped with five-story drawers,
  • small drawers on the first and second floors of 80mm, hollow: 424 * 375 * 68mm * two
  • middle drawers of 120mm hollow: 424 * 375 * 110mm * one
  • deep drawer of 240mm hollow: 424 * 375 * 220mm
  • drawer of 3 * 3 separator, can be freely separated, * drawer puller for swallowtail style, sealed slot type sign, prevent liquid.
  • The label area is designed according to ergonomics principle, the slot type inclines upward for easy viewing, and the inner mold of the handle is thicker and more reliable.
  1. Bottom of the car body: luxury universal insertion mute wheel, two of which have braking function, castor material is high strength polyurethane. Anti-static, anti-hair winding, portable and flexible.
dirt bucket and sundries basket of crash cart
drawers and drawer divider of medical care cart
infusion rod and silent caster of critical care cart
operating table and deputy workbench of emmergency trolley

Specifications of Hospital Medical ABS Emergency Trolley

  • Model: SH-ET750
  • Size: 750x480x920mm
  • Gross weight: 50KG
  • Net weight: 47KG
  • Packaging size: 770*550*1050mm
sizes of Emergency crash cart