Overview of Mobile Intelligent Thermometry Disinfection Channel

There are three versions of disinfection channel for choice: A01 Mobile Atomization Disinfection Channel, A02 Mobile Infrared Thermometry Disinfection Channel, and A12 Intelligent Voice Version Thermometry Disinfection Channel.

A01 Mobile Atomization Disinfection Channel

Thermometry Disinfection automazation Passenger Channel
Mobile Atomization Disinfection Channel
Intelligent Atomization Disinfection Channel

A02 Mobile Infrared Thermometry Disinfection Channel

Infrared Version Disinfect Equipment with CE RoHS
Mobile Infrared Thermometry Disinfection Channel

A12 Intelligent Voice Version Thermometry Disinfection Channel

Body disinfection entrance for hospital
Intelligent Voice Versions Disinfection Channel
Mobile Thermometry Disinfection Channel

The intelligent thermometry and disinfection integrated channel is used for disinfection of body, pet, goods, and other objects in public space entrance when emergency public health events occur. It is simple, safe, intuitive, and accurate to judge whether there is the abnormal temperature of personnel and masks wearing.

There is a voice alarm for abnormal conditions (temperature is higher than the set temperature) and it can’t pass through the disinfection channel. It can record test data and store images The operation of the equipment is under intelligent control, and there is no need for specialized personnel to operate.

Functions of Mobile Temperature Disinfection Channel

  1. Atomization disinfection function, comprehensive disinfection to ensure safety.
  2. Non-contact alcohol sterilizer especially for hand using to avoid crossing infection.
  3. Sole disinfection.
  4. Stable control disinfectant quantity to ensure disinfection effect.
  5. A reminder of equipment status.
  6. Automatic fluid infusion & Waste liquid collection.
  7. Illumination of the channel with 24 hours using.
  8. Universal casters with brakes, movable.
  9. Temperature measurement of infrared rays and sound-light alarms.
  10. Mass storage of up to 30,000 thermometric data and images.
  11. Two cameras are suitable for various complex light scenes.
  12. Two cameras are suitable for various complex light scenes.

Applications of Thermometry and Body Disinfection Entrance

  • Temperature inspection of airports, customs, ports, stations, schools, factories, construction sites, and other places.
  • Entrance inspection of important public places such as important places, exhibition halls, trade fairs, business gatherings, celebrations, stadiums, etc.

Specifications of Thermometry Disinfection Passenger Channel

  1. Type:
  • A01 Atomization Disinfection Version
  • A02 Infrared Version
  • A12 Intelligent Voice Version
  1. Size: L185*W110*H236.5cm
  2. Packaging size: L189*W115*H250 cm
  3. Inner channel size: L180*W100*H197 cm
  4. W: 300kg
  5. W: 390kg
  6. Working Voltage: AC220V
  7. Rated power: 900 W
  8. Working noise: Less than 36db
  9. Equipment material: Cold rolled steel plate
  10. Disinfection method: Automatic induction spray
  11. Working environment: 10~40℃ (Unusable below 0 degrees, disinfectant freezes and cannot be atomized)
  12. Rainproof function: Equipment housing with rain protection (Open access doors are not rainproof)
  13. The length of spray channel: 116cm
  14. Fog making way: Ultrasonic atomizing
  15. Spray control method: Microwave induction start, delay stop (Delay adjustable:5-60 seconds), 2fog outlets
  16. Spray efficiency: 1-3Kg/H
  17. Spray area protection method: Magnetic PVC curtain
  18. Spray disinfection waiting time: 5-15 seconds recommended (Stay according to personal needs, the device does not make mandatory control)
  19. Disinfectant type: 100-400PPM diluted solution of chlorine dioxide, 200PPM diluted solution of hypochlorous acid
  20. Disinfection tank capacity: 15L
  21. Hand disinfection type: Independent area induction spray type, disposable disinfectant
  22. The length of temperature channel: 64cm
  23. Human induction mode: Microwave detection
  24. Body temperature collection distance:
  • A01 Atomization Disinfection Version: none
  • A02 Infrared Version: 10-20cm (15cm is the best.)
  • A12  Infrared Version: 20-50cm
  1. Body temperature collection position: Forehead
  2. Body temperature collection accuracy: ± 0.3℃ at room temperature
  3. Body temperature detection time: 0.5 seconds
  4. Temperature display panel: Touch screen Size: 7 inches
    Resolution: 600*1024px
  5. Body temperature detection output: Greenlight + single beep sound when the test is passed, red light + continuous alarm sound when the output is over temperature.
  6. Body temperature collection range: 30~40℃