Mobile Patient Transfer Equipment

The electric patient transfers are used in conjunction with various baths (such as butterfly baths) and water treatment systems to control the transportation of users in and out of the bath, which can be very easy to take hydrotherapy. The user can freely carry out training to expand the range of movement of the limbs in the water. Button operation, easy to move. It is suitable for patients with hemiplegia or semi-hemiplegia with limited mobility.

Mobile Patient Carrier Patient Transfer Equipment SH-SL-CF-1

Rated power: 100VA
Function: Patient Transfer
Application: Rehabilitation Center
Dimensions: 1450 * 730 * (1650-2140)mm

Mobile Patient Carrier Patient Transfer Equipment SH-SL-CF-2

Load Range: 0~200Kg
Function: Patient Transfer
Application: Rehabilitation Center
Dimensions: 1700 * 1370 * 1770mm

Fixed Patient Carrier Equipment

This fixed carrier is used with the butterfly bath (Haba bath) and the water treatment system. It is to control the handling of the user’s access to the butterfly bath, which can effectively reduce the burden of patient access to the bath and the labor intensity of nursing staff. The user is free to expand the range of motion of the limbs in the water. There are two operation modes: hand-held controller operation and key operation on the work table.

Fixed Patient Carrier Equipment SH-SL-CF-3

Type: Bathroom Safety Equipment
Application: Rehabilitation Center
Dimensions: 1500*1200*1600(mm)

Lifting Chair Hydrotherapy Equipment

The mobile lift chair adopts the electric lifting column structure to realize the height lifting of the patient.

  • Dimensions: 704mm*784mm*930mm
  • 24V built-in lithium is safer to use.
  • Electric lift adjustable, adjustment range: 930~1330mm.
  • Lifting column, ultra-quiet, self-adaptive, oil-free, self-lubricating.
  • Soft start and stop: make the patient more comfortable when using.

The lower extremity whirlpool hydrotherapy machine uses the physical properties of water to act on the human lower extremity, thus producing effective rehabilitation and treatment effect. It is equipped with steps, suitable for people of different heights.

  • Dimensions: 1230mm*620mm*1540mm
  • Water massage: a total of 6 massage nozzles to make massage.
  • Temperature display: 12 colorful light beads, automatically switch colors according to different temperatures.
  • Function: hydraulic massage, time setting, ozone disinfection, colorful lights, time display, temperature display, electric drainage.

Underwater Static Bike

With the buoyancy and resistance of water, the patient’s weight can be alleviated, that is, to achieve cardiopulmonary training, and reduce the damage to the joint during training, and the physical strength can be fully utilized for endurance training. It is suitable for endurance training, gait training, and training of lower limb joint activities.