Rehabilitation Hydrotherapy Principle

  • The action of temperature simulation: improve and enhance the adjusting capability of human body temperature.
  • Mechanical action: hydrostatic pressure action, water shock action, and buoyancy effect.
  • Chemical action: all kinds of minerals in the water, in addition to this, some drugs can also be added in accordance with clinical needs to act chemical simulation for the body.
  • Application: Incomplete injury of the spinal cord, cerebrovascular accident hemiplegia, shoulder-hand syndrome, ataxia, Parkinson’s syndrome, muscular dystrophy, sequelae of fracture, osteoarthritis, obligatory spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis.

Rehabilitation Water Tank Bathtub SH-SL-C5

Rehabilitation Water Tank Hydrotherapy Equipment SH-SL-C5
  • Volume: 340L
  • Power: 2620VA
  • Size: 1300*750*1000mm
  • Function: massage, bubble bath, rain shower, intelligent constant temperature
  • Low-position entry, and open-door bathtub, allow patients easy access.
  • Three kinds of immersions: hydraulic massage, bubble massage, and soaking bath.
  • Hand-held sprinkler: rotate the sprinkler to switch between the big flow mode and the massage mode.

Rehabilitation Water Tank Bathtub SH-SL-C6

Rehabilitation Water Tank Hydrotherapy Equipment SH-SL-C6
  • Power: 5000VA
  • Dimensions: 1700mm*1530mm*1480mm
  • Inner Dimensions: 1270mm*860mm*720/1000mm
  • Microcomputer control. Simple touch control panel.
  • Nozzles: 3 swirl nozzles, 19 LED lights, 8 massage nozzles, 4 bottom lights, 10 gas nozzles.
  • Hydraulic massage: multiple massage nozzle groups that allow the choice of jet hydraulic massage or vortex hydraulic massage.
  • Bubble massage: 10 bubble groups. Air is added to generate small warm bubbles, which move back and forth, so that oxygen-rich water fully covers the body’s soaked skin surface, making people feel happy and relaxed.
  • Thermostat device: intelligent thermostat device with automatic protection function.
    Ozone disinfection to avoid cross-infection.
  • Music therapy: listen to music to make one feel happy and relaxed during hydrotherapy
  • Color light bath therapy: the color of the light changes slowly, and the light intensity is just perfect to make one feel better.

Hydrotherapy Operation Technology

  • Sponge bath: Rubbing body by soaking towels in water at a certain temperature.
  • Rinse: Rinse the body by using water at a certain temperature;
  • Wrapped with a wet cloth: soak a part of the body in the water at different temperatures. The stimulation of hot and cold water, causes a series of physiological changes in the local or whole body, so as to achieve the application of treatment.
  • Whole body soaking bath: soak the whole body of patients in the water for treatment.
  • Shower: A method to spray water jet to the human body for treatment under certain pressure.
  • Butterfly-shaped hydrotherapeutic: its cross-section was a butterfly-shaped or 8-shaped bath tank, so as to facilitate the medical staff to be close to patients for treatment.
  • Walking bath: a method that conducts walking training in the bath.
  • Vortex bath: a kind of treatment method using vortex generated by the motor to the human body.
  • Bubble bath: an action method by using bubbles to micro-massage cold and hot temperatures produced by the human body.
  • Movement in water: use water temperature, buoyancy, and hydrostatic pressure to carry out various functional exercises.
  • Sauna: method to clean the skin and treat the disease.