Introduction of 6 Sections Massage Table

6 sections massage table is used for the therapist to make treatment or massage to the patients. The height and angle of the bed surface are adjustable as needed, so all parts of the body can be therapeutically massaged.

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Details of Multi-position Massage Table

details introduction of Electric spa bed
  1. Rear bed panel
  2. Handheld remote control
  3. Middle bed panel adjustment lever
  4. Front bed panel
  5. Front bed angle adjustment lever
  6. Push rod motor
  7. Two-way controller
  8. Lifting and landing universal casters
  9. Caster wrench
  10. Bed frame
  11. Rear bed angle

Features & Functions of Professional Massage Table

  1. It is equipped with an electric foot switch for electric lifting, equipped with a handheld jog switch.
  2. Conform to global electromechanical quality and safety standards.
  3. Bed surface adopts imported specialized medical use environmental protection moisture-proof and antibacterial materials.
  4.  Equipped with the breathing hole.
  5. It is equipped with a pneumatic spring to adjust the armrest, make the patient more comfortable and meet the needs of the massage therapist.
  6. Head and legs adopt unique supporting parts, legs can be separated.

Features & Functions of Professional Massage Table

Product name 6 Sections Adjustable Massage Table
Model SH-DZC-06
Dimension 200*65*50-90cm
bed height adjustment height 50 ~ 94cm
front hand adjustment range 0 ~ 9cm
bed surface turnover angle Front bed surface -20° ~ 40°
middle bed surface 0° ~ 25°
rear bed surface 0° ~ 75°
bed face fixed load front bed surface: 13kg,
middle bed surface: 78kg,
rear bed surface: 34kg,
front bed surface rated load: 11kg
Bed surface size Bed surface size:  195*60cm
front bed surface:  52*32cm,
middle bed surface:  51*60cm,
rear bed surface:  90*29.5cm
Lay hands:  52 x*12 cm
Material Metal and artificial leather
Type Medical rehabilitation equipment
Function Adjust the height and angle of the bed as needed, and perform therapeutic massage on all parts of the body
MOQ 1pc