Overview of Fixed-height Massage Table

A fixed height massage table of great robustness is with an elegant design, and capable of supporting heavyweights thanks to its high-quality steel crossbar. The headboard is of breathing hole for patient breathing when he/she is lying face down on the bed. Ideal to use as a massage table or as a fixed treatment table.

Fixed treatment table
Fixed-height massage table

Application of Fixed-height Massage Table

It is used for the doctor to carry out acupuncture and massage rehabilitation treatment to the patients.

Manual therapy bed

Main Features of Steel Massage Table

  • Humanized design with shoulder holes and armrests.

  • It is convenient for doctors to do acupuncture and massage for patients.
  • With patient breathing hole.
  • With CE certificate.
details of Steel rehabilitation bed

Specification of Fixed Treatment Bed

Product name PT treatment Table
Model SH-K-SF-1
Dimension 2200mm*620mm*660mm
Loading capacity 200N
 Material High-quality steel, High-density foam, PU, etc
Type Medical rehabilitation equipment
Function Used for rehabilitation training
MOQ 1pc