Overview of Adjustable Sand Table for OT Rehabilitation

The adjustable therapy sand table for kids is used to improve the coordination of upper limb muscle strength and the training of joint mobility.

sand tray with stand
Sensory table for sand play
sand table

Features of Kids Sand Table for Play Therapy

  1. Multi-level hinges are added to the table, which can be adjusted to the appropriate height freely.
  2. It has strong stability. The steel table frame is equipped with horizontal bars on the four sides and the bottom. The four feet are covered with non-slip rubber pads and have an adjustable foot for easy movement and more stability.
  3. The tabletop is made of wood covered with a layer of solar panels. It is banded with the plastic edge with a beautiful appearance and it is easy to promote attachment movement.
  4. It comes with four accessories made of solid wood, which are used to improve the coordination of upper limb muscle strength and the training of joint mobility.
features of children sensory sand table

Instructions on How to Use the Sensory Table for Sand Play

  • To adjust the height by using the handle clockwise to raise, and opposite direction to lower the desktop.
  • The angle of the sand formwork table can be adjusted, and the range of the table angle can be adjusted from 0 ° (horizontal) to + 40 °.
  • When adjusting, as long as the sand formwork table is raised to the required angle, it will be automatically locked and fixed; when the sand formwork table exceeds + 40 °, the table will automatically fall back to restore the horizontal position.
  • The attached mobile accessories are suitable for the training of patients with different hand functional states, and sandbags and other heavy objects can be placed on the accessories to increase the difficulty of training.
  • During training, the patient uses the patient’s hand to hold the mobile accessory and makes various push-pull movements on the sand table, so that the mobility, muscle strength, and coordination of the upper limb shoulder, elbow, wrist, and finger joints are all trained.
  • When there is an insufficient movement of the affected limb, the movement of the upper limb of the healthy side can be used to help the patient to perform a power-up exercise.
  • Regardless of the direction of movement, the maximum range of motion should be achieved as much as possible.

Specification of Kids Sand Table

  • Model: SHC-SMB
  • Dimension: 72x59x66-108cm
  • The area of sanding board: 72*59cm
  • The thickness of sanding board: 15mm
  • The angle adjustment range of sanding board: 0°~50°
  • 4 attachments, 1 for each
  • Type: Occupational therapy equipment
  • Product name: adjustable OT table
  • Function: Used for Cerebral palsy Coordination training
  • Application: Rehabilitation center, hospital, clinic
  • Material: Wood
  • MOQ: 1 PCS