Overview of Function Traction Net Frame for OT Training

The function traction net frame for occupational therapy training is used for muscle strength and joints moving range training as well as relaxation training. Also, it can be used for traction treatment.

Function Traction Frame

Features of Occupational Therapy Multifunctional Traction Net Frame

  1. It is made of all-steel material. And the triangle fixing frames are installed on both sides of the net frame, which is not easy to deform and collapse, and the training is safer.
  2. The net frame is equipped with a pulley ring. The mountaineering buckle is fixed on the net frame. And the nylon rope drives the pulley to rotate. It is equipped with a foot strap to stretch the legs up and down.

Instructions on Using the Traction Net Frame

The traction net frame is generally used in conjunction with the treatment bed, that is, the treatment bed is placed under the functional traction net frame, and the patient is generally treated on the bed.

lateral skeletal balanced suspension Traction Bed Net Frame
traction net frame occupational therapy rehabilitation equipment
  1. Suspension activity training: two pulleys are needed to hang directly above the fixed joints, and then use ropes and fixing straps to cover the corresponding joints, the lower limbs are mainly knee and ankle joints, and the upper limbs are elbow and wrist joint.
  2. Traction training: The pulley and weight can be used to traction joints, including cervical traction. Traction training should be conducted under the guidance of a nurse.
  3. Joint mobility training: its function is equivalent to a simple pulley lifting ring training device.

Specification of Occupational Therapy Traction Net Frame

  • Model: SH-QYJ-1
  • Dimension: 200x120x174cm
  • Loading capacity: 80kg
  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Function: Used for lower limbs rehabilitation training