Introduction of Intelligent Medical Hand Rehabilitation System

Hand Rehabilitation Training System SH-101C is the necessary medical hand rehabilitation device for the neurology department, orthopedics department, and rehabilitation department. Through 12 different training patterns, it improves hand function effectively, enhances the range of motion, accelerates Neuromuscular system self-repair, and improves upper limber muscle reaction.

intelligent top-end medical hand rehabilitation training system

Features of Top-end Hand Therapy Training Equipment

  • It has 12 training modes for different types of patients.
  • It has four independent screens, so four patients could be treated simultaneously.
  • The training games make it interesting, improving patients’ cognition, hand-eye coordination, and proprioception recovery.
  • It could record and controls data accurately, offering visualized feedback information.
  • A customized training plan is available.
  • The evaluation report is automatically formed and printed.

Total 12 Training Modes

Specifications of Hand Rehabilitation Training System

  • Model: SH-101C
  • Resistance adjustable: 500g-2500g
  • Size: 1500*1500*1140-1540mm
  • Table height:670-1070mm

Video of Hand Rehabilitation Training System