Overview of Medical Rehabilitation Shoulder Uplifting Exercising Rack

Medical rehabilitation shoulder uplifting exercising rack is used for training the upper limb lifting function by placing the sticks at different heights. Sandbags can also be hung on both ends of the stick to increase resistance.

  • The height is adjustable with 9 steps.
  • the bracket angle is adjustable.
flexion shoulder ladder
Shoulder lifting exerciser
Rehabilitation Shoulder Training Device
shoulder lifting exercising ladder
Shoulder uplifting exercising rack

How to Use Shoulder Lifting Exerciser 

  1. You can use it on table surface or on ground.
  2. On adjusting the structure angle: take down the stick, hold the structure with your left hand, turn the angle adjustment bolt anticlockwise with your right hand until the bolt.leaves the angle display plate, turn the support to the correct hole on angle plate and then fasten the bolt.
  3. The trainee moves the stick upward with single hand or both hands.
  4. You can hang sand bags on two ends of the stick to increase lifting capability.

Matters Need Attention

  1. Before using the device, the therapist shall read user manual carefully to get familiar with its performance, requirements, and operation methods.
  2. Take training under the guidance of the therapist.
  3. Take down the stick before adjusting the angle.
  4. Do not hit people or objects with the stick.
  5. Do not push or press the structure forcefully.

Specification of Medical Rehabilitation Shoulder Uplifting Exercising Rack

  • Model: SH-JTJ
  • Dimension:  57 * 63 * 85 cm
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Stick size: 3cm in diameter x 120cm in length
  • Material: wooden and plastic and steel
  • Function: used for shoulders training