Overview of Multifunction Hand Finger Function Combination Training Box

The hand finger function combination training box is used for training on the patients’ hand-eye coordination to improve finger function and hand coordination and flexibility.

The hand function physiotherapy combination training box is placed on the OT table, and the patient operates the components in the training box in the normal use method. The patient training time can also be recorded with a stopwatch.

Hand function combined trainer
Rehabilitation device Hand Function Training Box

Composition of Hand Function Training Box

It is equipped with a wooden stick, glass ball, iron stick, bolt, nut, grip ring, grip, anti-theft buckle, box buckle, analog plug and socket, lock buckle and padlock, desk lock, window latch, window hook, etc. Total 14 Training equipment.

Hand Finger Function Combination Training Box
Assistant Hand Function Physiotherapy Training box

1. Wooden stick dimensions and quantity
Large: Φ26mm, 3 pcs
medium: Φ18mm, 4 pcs
small: Φ13mm, 5 pcs
2. Number of glass balls
Large: 4pcs
medium: 5pcs
small: 5pcs
3. External dimensions and quantity of iron rods
Large: Φ8×60mm, 21pcs
Medium: Φ6×60mm, 21pcs
Small: Φ4×60mm, 21pcs
4. Bolt dimensions and quantity
M8×40: 5 pcs
M6×40: 3 pcs
5. Nut size and quantity
M8: 12 pieces
M6: 6 pieces

Specification of Rehabilitation device Hand Function Training Box

  • Model: SH-ZGN
  • Dimension: 55x40x14cm
  • Weight: 9kg
  • Material: wooden and plastic and steel
  • Function: Used for fingers training