Overview of Preliminary Upper Limbs Coordination Trainer

As auxiliary occupational therapy equipment for upper limb flexibility and coordination training, our rehab preliminary upper limbs coordination trainer can improve the upper limb’s daily activity ability and response ability.

Preliminary guided upper limbs coordination training device
Rehab upper limbs training device
Upper limb rehabilitation training equipment
Upper limbs coordination trainer

Features of Preliminary Guided Upper Limbs Coordination Training Device

  • The platen angle can be adjusted in 4 levels.
  • The training time, frequency, and speed can be set.
  • The training quadrant can be selected.
  • It is convenient to develop a personalized training program.
  • Using LCD touch screen, easy to operate.

Specification of Preliminary Guided Upper Limbs Coordination Training Device

  • SH-YDX
  • Dimension: 95cm × 72cm × 84cm;
  • Platen angle adjustment: 18.75°, 37.5°, 56.25°, 75° (4 steps in total);
  • Training time: 1s~9999s;
  • Training times: 1~999;
  • Training speed: 0.2 s/time ~ 9.9s/time

Working Video of Upper Limbs Coordination Trainer