Overview of Stroke Hemiplegic Rehab Wooden Stick Board

The stroke hemiplegic rehab wooden stick board is made of solid wood and free of harmful substances. It is smooth, with no burrs, no scratches on the hands. The base is a composite plate with flat pits, even distribution, the same depth, and no skew. The wooden pegboard is for rehabilitation training for stroke patients with hemiplegia and cerebral palsy. Three sizes of wooden stick board for choice: large size, medium size, and large size.

peg board-motor skills rehabilitation equipment
Pegboard for stroke patients
Stroke hemiplegic exercise wooden stick board

Instruction on Using Rehabilitation Training Wood Pegboard

  1. The large size board is suitable for training large hand movement, such as the patients’ affected side holding the healthy side to assist in picking up, two-handed gripping, one hand gripping, and other training.
  2. The medium-sized board is suitable for training hands with medium difficulty movements, such as pinching with one hand and picking with three fingers.
  3. The small size board is suitable for training fine finger movements, such as three-finger squeezing and pinching.
  4. Put the board on the floor or table in front of the trainer. It is better to take a sitting position for the trainer.
  5. The trainer grasps the stick naturally and takes out the stick from the hole, and then inserts it into the hole. The trainee should repeat the operation many times.
  6. Take out all the pegs from the hole, and then insert it into the hole correctly, repeat the operation many times.
  7. It can be adjusted to different inclination angles and trained by a) or b).
  8. If necessary, it can be equipped with a stopwatch for timing.
  9. Keep the board safely from high temperature, humid environment, and serious impact after training.
small Pegboard therapy
medium Pegboard therapy
large Pegboard therapy

Specifications of Hand-Eye Coordination Training Stick Insertion Board

  • Model: SH-MCB-1
  • 36*29*11cm, stick size: 3.5*10cm.
  • 22*18*10cm, stick size:1.8*0.5cm.
  • 18*14*9cm,   stick size: 1.3*0.8cm.
  • Material: wooden with the stick
  • Stick qty: 20pcs for each size, total 60pcs
  • Weight: 3.3kg
pegs with different sizes for hand therapy pegboard
Rehabilitation training wood pegboard