Overview of Wooden Graphic Geometric Cognitive Training Board for Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation

The wooden graphic geometric cognitive training board for cerebral palsy rehabilitation is suitable for training the apperception ability as well as cerebral recognition ability for the geometric figures. Geometry training board and animal graphics board for choice.

Wooden Graphic Geometric Inserting Board

Geometry training board

Animal Figure graphics cognitive training wooden board

Animal graphics board

Specifications of Cerebral Geometry Recognition Training Board

Animal Figure Graphics Cognitive Training Wooden Board

  • Model: SH-TCB-2
  • Dimension: 44*33*3cm
Wooden graphic inserting board
wooden graphic geometric training board
Cerebral Geometry Recognition Training Board for sale
Cerebral Geometry Recognition Training Board for rehabilitation
Graphic Geometric Inserting Board
graphic inserting board
Geometry inserting board

Wooden Graphic Geometric Inserting Board

  • Model: SH-TCB-1
  • Dimension: 44*33*3cm
apperception ability training board
cognitive training wooden board
cerebral recognition ability training board
animal graphics board for cerebral palsy rehabilitation

Instruction on How to Use Graphic Boards

Place the graphics board on a fixed table, users can do the insertion or removal of the graphics board, or take out the graphics board and disturb the order, practice cognitive graphics, pick out and insert the corresponding graphics.
When disturbing the sequence of graphics for cognition and finger coordination exercises, it should be noted that the graphics board cannot be scrambled to prevent damage to the graphics.