Overview of Wooden Labyrinth Game for Hand-Eye Coordination Training

The wooden labyrinth game features a classic natural hardwood design. Constructed from high-quality wood and built to last for generations. It is used for training hand and eye coordination function.

Wooden Labyrinth
details of Wooden Labyrinth

Instructions on How to Play the Wooden Maze Game

  1. It should be placed in a right place for easily operation.
  2. The swing handle can tilt the curved raceway panel forward and backward, left and right.
  3. Put the steel ball on the curved raceway, and use your eyesight to make a moderate and all-around slight swing to make the steel ball advance along the curved raceway.
Wooden Mazes Game
Classic Board Game

Specification of Wooden Labyrinth Game

  • Model: SH-SPH-1
  • Dimension:  32x30x8cm
  • Weight: 0.9kg
  • Material: wooden
  • Steel ball diameter: 8mm
  • Function: used for hands and eyes training
specification of Labyrinth Board Game