Overview of Wooden Upper Limbs Pushing Exerciser

The wooden upper limbs pushing exerciser is a kind of physical therapy training device, which is used for occupational training to improve upper limb coordination and joint mobility.

Upper limbs lifting exerciser
Upper Limb Pushing Rehabilitation Equipment
Upper body muscle strength training equipment

Features of Upper Limb Pushing Rehabilitation Equipment

  1. It is equipped with an electronic display table.
  2. The steel fixed bracket is equipped with an adjustment bolt, which is convenient for adjusting the height of the training device.
  3. The solid wood push block and solid wood push block handle are thicker and more conducive for training.
  4.  It has a motion track for solid wood push block, which is easier to push.
features of upper limbs coordination activity and joint activity training device

Specification of Wooden Upper Body Muscle Strength Training Equipment

  • Model: SH-STJ-01
  • Dimension:  80x53x(40-65)cm
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Up move distance: 0-36cm
  • Tilt angle: 30°-45° adjustable
  • Material: solid wood