Medical Infrared Thermal Imager SH-RX-I

Medical Infrared Thermal Imager is based on the principle of infrared radiation, uses the human body as the radiation source, adopts infrared scanning technology, and gathers the infrared radiation emitted by the human body to a detector sensitive to infrared radiation through its optical system.

the infrared radiation emitted by the human body is detected non-contact by the infrared detector, and the far-infrared light waves of different intensities radiated from the surface of the human body on different parts are filtered, gathered, modulated, and photoelectrically converted into electrical signals, and then the electrical signals It is amplified and converted into a digital signal, input into the computer, processed by multimedia image processing technology, and the infrared radiation image of the object is reconstructed in gray scale or false color. The image reflects the heat distribution state of the human body, and it will The visible temperature information becomes a visual image, which can provide the surface temperature information of the human body as well as the thermal distribution image.