Various Assistive Walking Devices are available for your choice. Elbow Crutch, Oxter Crutch, Quadrangle Stick, Seat Cane, Tactile Sticks. They are generally used for a person who needs a device capable of supporting more weight. All the Crutches are suitable for assisting patients in walking and enhancing their daily activity ability. A great option for older adults who live alone to maintain independent mobility around the house.

Assistive Walking Devices

Crutch SHZ-1

Weight: 0.35kg
Hight: 700mm~930mm
Application: Walking Assist

Elbow Crutch SHZ-2

Weight: 0.8kg
Hight: 1240mm~1440mm
Application: Walking Assist

Oxter Crutch SHZ-3

Weight: 0.9kg
Hight: 760mm~930mm
Application: Walking Assist

Quadrangle Stick SHZ-4

Weight: 0.8kg
Hight: 650mm~880mm
Application: Walking Assist

Seat Cane SHZ-7

Weight: 1 kg
Handle height: 860mm
Stool height: 500mm

Tactile Sticks SHZ-1A

Weight: 0.2kg.
Length: 139cm.
Application: Walking Assist