Intelligent Hand Rehabilitation Training System

The Hand Rehabilitation Training System is the necessary medical hand rehabilitation device for the neurology department, orthopedics department, and rehabilitation department. Through 12 different training patterns, it improves hand function effectively, enhances the range of motion, accelerates Neuromuscular system self-repair, and improves upper limber muscle reaction.

Intelligent Hand Rehabilitation Training System.

Model: SH-101
Table height:670-1070mm
Resistance Adjustable: 500g-2500g
Dimensions: 1500mm*1500mm*1140~1540mm
12 training modes for different types of patients: Horizontal Pulling Training, Finger Extension/Flexion Training, Grasp Training, Finger Extension Training, Finger Symmetry Training, Finger Holding Training, Forearm Rotation Training, Finger Pinching Training, Thumb Strength Training, Wrist Ulnar/Radial Deviation Training, Wrist Extension/Flexion Training, Finger Lifting Training

Intelligent Hand Rehabilitation Training System Features

  • Four independent screens, so four patients could be treated simultaneously.
  • The evaluation report is automatically formed and printed, offering visualized feedback information.
  • The training games make it interesting, improving patients’ cognition, hand-eye coordination, and proprioception recovery.
  • A customized training plan is available.

Finger CPM And Wrist CPM

The Intelligent joint recovery machine is mainly used to train joint activity for joint disorder patients. According to the characteristics of the different joints of the human body, the corresponding joint recovery equipment is designed, such as wrist trainers, shoulder trainers, elbow trainers, knee trainers, ankle trainers, hip trainers, and other trainers. They are suitable for patients with different strength training, improve the blood circulation around joints, enhance muscle strength, and the ability to restore the patient’s joint activities.

Range of Joint Angle Activities: 0°-125°
Range of Joint Angle Change speed: 0.9°-3°/S. 8 levels adjustment.
Application: It is suitable for passive training of patients’ metacarpophalangeal joints.
The arm fixing seat can be adjusted around the front and back, the front and back adjustment range is 0 ~ 40mm, the left and right adjustment range is 0 ~ 40mm.
Fingerjoint movement Angle range -90° ~ +35°, palm flexion movement down 90°, dorsal extension movement up 35°, tolerance ±5°. Before the downward Angle is divided into 0 ~ 120 level digital adjustment, the level difference is 3. The upward and backward Angle is adjusted by 0 ~ 125 level digital adjustment.

Upper Limbs Exerciser SHN Series

Fingers Exerciser SHN-1

Application: train the stability and coordination function of the finger. Improve the finger’s activities.

Wrist Exerciser SHN-2

Application: train the stability and coordination function of the Wrist. Improve the Wrist activities.

Curved Wrist Exerciser SHN-3

Weight: 4.5Kg
Dimensions: 800mm*200mm*400mm
Application: improve ROM of the upper limb and eye-hand coordination function.

Fingers Function Exerciser SHN-5

Weight: 2.2kg.
Dimensions: 400mm*250mm*110mm
Application: improve the activity ability of fingers

Elastic Fingers Exerciser SHN-6

Weight: 6kg
Dimensions: 610mm*420mm*500mm
Application: improve active flexion and extension ability of the fingers.

Shoulder Pulley Exerciser SHN-7

Weight: 6.5kg
Dimensions: 430mm*410mm*(105~162)mm
Application: train the stability and coordination function of upper limbs. Improve the activities of daily living of upper limbs.

Fingers Inserting Balls Exerciser SH-42

Weight: 3.2kg
Dimensions: 400mm*250mm*80mm
Application: improve the activity range of finger joints and train the flexibility and coordination of fingers’ active activities.

Fingers Strength Exerciser SHM-3

Dimensions: 800mm*600mm*1110mm
Application: used for finger flexor muscle resistance training to improve the range of joint motion.

Hand Exercise Tool

Goniometer SH-62

Weight: 1kg
Dimensions: 350mm*170mm*50mm
Application: measure the bending degree of the spine and the activity scope of joints such as fingers.

Hand Dynamometer SH-66

Weight: 1.1kg
Dimensions: 190mm*160mm*50mm
Application: Test the grip strength of fingers.
Note: battery

Hand Exercise Tool SH-66A

Dimensions: 140mm*100mm*140mm
Application: Test the grip strength of fingers