Rowing Machine Rehabilitation Equipment

Our Rowing Machine is Rehabilitation Equipment designed for Muscle strength and endurance training. It helps to train trunk muscles, upper limbs’ flexor muscles, and lower limbs’ extensor muscles, and improve muscles’ endurance. Good choice for a rehabilitation center, or for home use to make body exercise, strength training, and Bodybuilding Fitness.

Rowing Exerciser SH-3

Weight: 22KG
Material: Metal
Dimension: 1170*840*430mm
Function: Exercise/strength training/ rowing exerciser
Application: Muscle strength and endurance training for trunk muscular, upper limbs flexor muscles, and lower limbs extensor muscles.

Rowing Exerciser SH-3B

Weight: 22KG
Dimensions: 1120mm*900mm*750mm
Resistance: 10 levels of resistance adjustable
Gym Equipment Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine
Material: Stainless Steel Frame, Leather, Sponge Armrest
Function: Body exercise/strength training/Bodybuilding Fitness
Application: Back muscles, upper extremity flexors, lower extremity muscle strength, and endurance training