Upper Limb CPM

Motion Range of Joint: 0°-125°
Speed Motion Range: 0.9°-3°/s
Display mode: LCD touch screen.
Working noise: ≤60dB (A).
Easy operation, convenient use, flexible length adjustment
It is suitable for active and passive rehabilitation training of patients’ Upper limbs.

Dimensions (table type): 550mm*380mm*800mm
Range of Running Angle: 0~125°
Range of Joint Angle Activity: 0°-125°
Length of the forearm Adaptability: 280~450mm
Display mode: LCD touch screen.
Working noise ≤60dB (A).
The shoulder or elbow joint is convenient for movement. Flexible length adjustment.

Upper Limb Exercisers

The Elbow traction training chair is an instrument for patients with elbow flexion and extension movement disorders to carry out continuous visceral joint traction training, to improve the range of motion of the joint, and promote the recovery of the joint to the normal range of motion and function.
Dimensions: 1230mm*1010mm*1170mm
Lifting Bracket Adjustment Range(cm): 0~10
Angle Adjustment Bracket: Adjust Angle Range 0°~25°
Height Range of Cushion: 55-66cm
Application: Used for rehabilitation training of patients with elbow joint dysfunction.

Maximum damping force: ≥160kg
Dimensions: 740mm*690mm*1280mm
This product is mainly designed for upper limbs rehabilitation training and strengthening muscle strength with internal and external extensions of the upper limbs.
Muscle training: move inward to exercise the pectoralis major, and move outward to exercise the posterior deltoid, rhomboid, and trapezius.
Training effect: strengthen the strength of the upper torso muscle group, enhance the stability of the torso, and avoid the occurrence of shoulder muscle pain and lesions.

Weight: 25KG
Dimensions: 610mm*910mm*850mm
Function: Arm Strength training
This Arm Curl Rehabilitation Training equipment Helps patients build muscle strength, specifically designed for patients to restore arm muscle strength.
It is suitable for patients to conduct arm movement training and improve the range of movement of each joint of the arm. Adjust the pit training to enhance the arm movement strength.