Electric Gait Training Therapy Device

Electric gait training therapy device is widely used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation center. According to the requirement to reduce the bearing capacity from the lower limb or waist in the training of patients, walking safety will be ensured through sling control. The flexible caster with a brake ensures less resistance during walking training. It is used for patients after stroke, patients in long-term beds, and other lower limb dysfunction. With the help of the gait training device, the patients could recover the lower limb function gradually, the muscle becomes stronger, and reduce stiffness.

  • Model: SH-YBJ02
  • Power: <1.8kw 220v 50Hz DC24V
  • Weight:188kg
  • Dimension: 126x115x213cm
  • Uprightlifting adjustment range: 0-33cm
  • Gait Training Torque adjustment range: 0-990N
  • Rated input power: 50VA
  • Control mode: electric control
  • Dimension: 1100mm*1080mm*1580mm
  • Column lifting adjustment range (cm): 0 ~ 30
  • Armrest height adjustment range (cm): 0 ~ 30
  • Through the sling control, according to the need to reduce the weight of the lower limbs during the training, to ensure safe walking.
  • Equipped with brake casters, effectively control the movement range of the trainer during use, so that the patient can train under safe conditions.

Features of The Electric Gait Training Therapy Equipment

  1. Through the sling and harness control, reduce the bearing capacity from lower limbs or waist.
  2. Electric Gait Training Device can be able to combine with the medical treadmill, which makes the training more efficient. With the help of a special medical treadmill, it will be easier for the patient to walk, moving and can maximize the effectiveness and speed up the rehabilitation.
  3. With electrical point control operation, the lifting range can be adjusted continuously.
  4. With an emergency UPS device, the instrument is able to work when there is no power and it can last for 1 week.
  5. With a sponge armrest to maintain body balance or support the body, personal safety can be guaranteed.
  6.  Inflatable vest and leg strap to make training more comfortable.
  7. The height of the upright post is adjustable.

Manual Gait Training Device

The manual body weight supported gait training device is used for patients with lower limb disability caused by arthritis, and nervous system dysfunction to do walking training and recover walking function. It is used to reduce the pressure of the whole body to the lower limbs of the patient through hanging belts during training. Which can make sure training safety.

  • Material: steel
  • Dimension: 120×84.5x(240-280)cm
  • Lifting height adjustment range: 200-242 cm
  • Belt sling adjustment range: 0-45cm
  • Adjustment handle torque: 0-150 N
  • Function: Used for walking and standing rehabilitation training
  • Application: Rehabilitation center, hospital, clinic
  • It can be equipped with a treadmill.
  • It has a safe emergency stop device to protect the safety of users.
  • Adjustable bolt: height adjustable.

Pneumatic Weight-Reducing Gait Training Rehabilitation Exercise System

The pneumatic anti-weight gait training system uses a pneumatic lifting structure to help the patient stand up from his wheelchair by moving a predetermined portion of the weight load from the patient’s leg so as to ensure that patients can stand and walk correctly. It’s mainly suitable for stroke patients and patients with spinal trauma, infantile cerebral palsy, crura atony, pain, and tic caused by bone joint and nerve system diseases to help them with pace function exercise in time.

  • Power supply: AC220V 50Hz
  • Pressure:8 Mpa
  • Specification (cm):147×131×270
  • Control mode: Air Controls
  • Armrest adjustment range (cm):0 ~ 22cm
  • Column lifting range:0~50cm
  • The gait training exercise system adopts an open design to assist the patient to stand up directly from the wheelchair which is more convenient for the doctor to help the patient with walking training.

Clinical application of Pneumatic Gait Training System

  1. Providing partial weight training for normal walking combined with a slow recovery treadmill.
  2. Helping control walking posture combined with a gait training device.
  3. Improving balance and coordination combined with a balanced system.
  4. Enhancing cardio-pulmonary function and endurance.
  5. Providing a safe environment for patients and therapists.
  6. Suitable for stroke patients, spinal cord injury, children with cerebral palsy, and other patients to do rehabilitation training.

Double Unweighting System Gait Trainer SH-YBJ04

The double electric unweighting system gait trainer is widely used for rehab training and neurorehabilitation. The double unweighting system enables partial weight-bearing therapy with open access to the patient. Offloading a percentage of body weight allows the opportunity for early rehabilitation while providing a safe environment for patients and therapists. Therapists can focus on treating their patients, manually facilitating lower extremities.

  • Model: SH-YBJ04
  • Power: <1.8kw 220v 50Hz DC24V
  • Loading weight: 135kg
  • Weight: 280kg
  • Dimension: 120x232x245cm
  • Speed of treadmill: 0-11MPH
  • The gradient of the treadmill: 0%-15%
  • The column lifting adjustment: 0-603cm
  • Gait Training power adjustment: 0-990N

Features of The Double Unweighting System Gait Trainer

The system adopts an open design to assist the patient to stand up directly from the wheelchair which is more convenient for the doctor to help the patient with walking training.
1. It is used in conjunction with a medical treadmill and power bike (optional) to help control walking posture and provide more room for clinical use.
2. With the help of the sling and harness, it is easier for the patient to keep standing status.
3. Use electric point control operation.
4. With an emergency UPS device, the instrument is able to work as usual after a power cut.
5. Adopt an indicator to display power.
6. Two gait training systems are available respectively.
7. The sling device is with manual inflation function.

Electric Partial Body Weight Support Gait Traning System

  • Power supply: DC24V ± 3V
  • Built-in Battery power: 12V 7.2A
  • Rated input power: 50VA
  • Specification (cm): 130 x 132 x 250
  • Control mode: Electric control
  • Armrest adjustment range (cm): 0 ~ 32
  • The weight reduce power range: 0 ~ 990N, step 10N
  • Display: LCD display

Features Of The Electric Gait Traning Equipment SH-K-M3

  1. The combination of balance training, rehabilitation running gear, and gait training machine provides more adequate clinical use space, provides partial weight load training for normal walking, helps control walking posture, improves balance and coordination, and increases heart and lung function and endurance.
  2. The original imported controller and actuator are adopted to make the instrument stable and noiseless.
  3. Using the indicator light, the weight can be read directly.
  4. Lockable universal castors, ultra-quiet, mobile and flexible.
  5. Equipped with an inflatable vest and leg strap, prolonged use without discomfort.
  6. Double protective seat belt, the instrument is safer and more reliable.
  7. With an emergency UPS device, the instrument will work as usual after a power failure.