Wrist CPM

Power Consumption: ≤35VA
Range of Joint Angle Activity: 0°-125°
Range of Joint Angle Change Speed: 0.9°-3°/S
Independent motor control, elbow, and wrist training.
Training modes: wrist rotation, elbow, synchronous abduction, and rotation.
Speed mode: accelerated, uniform speed, five levels adjustable.
Application: Passive training on the upper limb joint (elbow, wrist), to get muscle strength strengthened or restored. Upper limb Rehabilitation auxiliary treatment or exercise.

Wrist Exercisers

Padel Arm Exerciser SHM-4

Weight: 24kg
Dimensions: 520mm*500mm*(580~850)mm
Application: Arm Exercise. The upper limbs’ muscle strength and coordination training. Improve movement range of upper limbs joints

Smart Padel Exerciser XYM-5

Weight: 16kg
Dimensions: 430mm*400mm*330mm
Application: Arms and legs muscle strength and coordination training.

Forearm Rotation Exerciser SHJ-4

Weight: 13kg
Dimensions: 470mm*320mm*990mm
Application: Train forearm rotation function, and improve wrist motion range and power.

Wrist Extension Flexion Exerciser SHJ-5

Weight: 13kg.
Dimensions: 560mm*260mm*990mm
Application: Wrist training. Improve wrist joint motion range and Wrist power exercise.

Forearm And Wrist Exerciser SHJ-3

Weight: 11kg
Dimensions: 700mm*200mm*22mm
Application: Wrist training. Improve forearm rotation function and muscle strength.

Wrist Rotation Exerciser SHJ-7

Weight: 13kg
Dimensions: 610mm*220mm*27. mm
Application: improve the range of motion of the wrist in various directions and muscle strength exercises.

Wrist Exerciser SHN-2

Application: train the stability and coordination function of the Wrist. Improve the Wrist activities.

Curved Wrist Exerciser SHN-3

Weight: 4.5Kg
Dimensions: 800mm*200mm*400mm
Application: improve ROM of the upper limb and eye-hand coordination function.