Overview of Lightweight Folding Walking Frame

This lightweight, height adjustable Folding Walking Frame with rubber footing is well designed and easy to use. The walker frame is an auxiliary device for walking training of patients with weak muscle strength and poor balance stability of lower limbs. It can be also used as a walking aid frame for the elderly and provide exceptional support and comfort for the elderly when walking.

  • aluminum walking frame
  • Foldable walking frame
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  • Walking frame for the elderly
  • Non-marking, slip resistant rubber tips of walking support frame
  • One Folding Walking Frame

  • Ideal for use in the home

  • Adjustable to all sizes.

  • Made from lightweight Aluminium

  • Adjustable Height

  • Plastic handgrips, easy to clean

  • Non-marking, slip-resistant rubber tips

Features of Aluminum Folding Walker for the Elderly

  1. The height is adjustable which is suitable for the person with different requirements.
  2. It is foldable which is easy for easy storage and transportation.
  3. The one-button mechanism allows quick and easy, single-handed folding and unfolding.
  4. Rugged steel cross-bars add strength but do not interfere with patient stride.
  5. Contoured handgrips maximize patient comfort.

Specification of Aluminum Folding Walking Frame

  • Model: SH-ZXQ-2
  • Loading capacity: 135kg
  • Dimension: 60×45×77-95cm
  • The maximum height: 95cm
  • The minimum height: 77cm
  • The maximum width: 48cm
  • The maximum length: 53cm
  • The folded size: 78 * 50 * 8cm
  • The handle cover width: 10cm.
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Function: Used for walking and standing training