Overview of Multifunctional Lower Limb Training Walker

The multifunctional standard lower limb training walker is a kind of stroke hemiplegia rehabilitation equipment. It is the best training walking frame to train lower limb and the reliable walking aid for the elderly, disabled standing and sitting more conveniently and comfortably, great for independence.

  • Multi-range adjustment

  • Four-wheeled

  • U-shaped armrest

  • Easy to operate

  • Easy to clean

Lower Limb Training Walking Frame
Walker Multifunctional Stroke Hemiplegia Equipment

Features of Elderly Walker Hemiplegia Rehabilitation Equipment

  1. The height is adjustable in 10 levels, which meet the different requirements for different trainers.
  2. It is foldable. Removing the clasp, the upper and lower supports can be separated, which is easy for transport.
  3.  It is made of stainless steel and other hard material, which is durable and more secure. The utility model has the functions of preventing backflip, resisting rollover, practicing standing, obstructing walking and strong load-bearing, etc.
  4. The sponge cushion makes it more comfortable.
  5. It can be assembled quickly and easily. It is fixed by the snaps and rotary screws.
  6. It is equipped with an infusion socket which can help the patients to sit on it and accept treatment.
  7. It is equipped with 2 brake casters. Which is used to stop the wheels during standing training and unlock the wheels during walking training.
  8. It has a back tube with a sponge cushion, handrail, foot pedal, and multifunctional multi-layer seat plate, etc.
  9. The bottom frame widens to prevent backflip.

Specification of Multi-Function Lower Limb Training Walking Stand Frame

  • Model: SH-XBC
  • Distance between right and left wheels: 54cm
  • Distance between front and back wheels: 58cm
  • Max width: 81cm
  • Diameter of the wheels: 7cm
  • Width of the handrail: 50cm
  • Loading capacity: 135 kg
  • Function: used for walking and standing training