Overview of Wheeled Walkers for Rehabilitation Training

The wheeled walker with a seat, also known as rolling walkers or rollators, is designed for seniors, handicap, disabled, or those needing assistance walking. This rolling walker has a padded seat, brakes, and 4 wheels. The brakes can help prevent the user “over pushing” and falling over or feeling insecure. The height of the walking frame is adjustable.

wheeled walkers

Features of Rehabilitation Rollator Walker

  1. Easy-to-operate ergonomic hand brakes are designed to keep the transport wheelchair from moving during entering and exiting of the walker.
  2. Handrail and seatis adjustable to ensure customized comfort.
  3. Made of High Strength Aluminium Alloy.
  4. Best gift for elder family and mobility restricted friends. Make them to get Back to the outdoor life again.

Specification of Rolling Walker With Seat

  • Model: SH-FBQ1
  • Reference specification (cm) : 78×100× (98 ~ 130)
  • Reference quality: 29.0kg
  • Material: rubber handle, static spray frame, concave-convex leather, rubber caster
  • Structure type: brake handle, table pad, backrest, seat, seat front and back adjustment bolt, seat cushion up and down adjustment rod, high and low expansion rod, handle adjustment bolt
  • Cushion width (cm) : ≥42
  • Front and back adjustment range of cushion (cm) : ≥ 10
  • Height adjustment range of cushion (cm) : 63 ~ 74
  • Height adjustment range of table mat (cm) : 83 ~ 113
  • Adjusting range of distance between handles (cm) : 0 ~ 55
  • Table mat rated load mass (kg) : ≥80
  • Rated load mass of cushion (kg) : ≥ 135

Other Models of Walking Aid with Wheels

medical rolling walkers
rolling walkers with seat