Overview of The Piezoelectric ShockWave Therapy Device SH-CJB-II

The piezoelectric Shock Wave Therapy Device is based on the principle of inverse piezoelectric effect. Hundreds of piezoelectric ceramics fixed on the inner wall of the hemispherical shell, under the action of high frequency and high voltage electric field, the volume changes to generate pressure waves and tension waves, all piezoelectric ceramics vibrate and emit sound waves at the same time, thereby a high-energy shock wave is generated by focusing at the ball.

Piezoelectric ShockWave Therapy Device SH-CJB-II For ED And Pain Relief
Piezoelectric ShockWave Therapy Device SH-CJB-II For ED And Pain Relief

Piezoelectric ShockWave Physiotherapy Equipment Application

It is suitable for the adjuvant treatment of periarthritis of the shoulder, external epicondylitis of the humerus (tennis elbow), and plantar fasciitis.

iontophoresis device can be used in the treatment of the following patients

Piezoelectric ShockWave Physiotherapy Equipment Working Principle

Piezoelectric shockwave therapy instrument is based on the inverse piezoelectric effect principle when the piezoelectric crystal array is excited by the electric pulse at the same time, the piezoelectric crystal itself will expand under the action of the electric field, the electric field effect of rhythm makes the piezoelectric crystal constantly expanding and shrinking, through the medium focusing, forming a powerful shock wave at the focus.
Because the shock wave source frequency it generates is simple, the clutter is less, the focus is compact and fine, and it has a very high peak pressure value at the focus. The gel pad on the treatment head is in soft contact with the skin, and the energy is focused on the body through the body’s surface. The energy density of the body’s surface is extremely low, and it hardly damages the body’s surface tissue. It is a relatively popular new technology at present. The piezoelectric shock wave therapy head has a large beam, a wide range of energy density, 8 kinds of gel pads, and adjustable penetration depth.

Advantage Of The Piezoelectric ShockWave Therapy Device SH-CJB-II

1. Impact wave source: piezoelectric impact wave source. Piezoelectric ceramic impact wave source, more stable, long service life.
2. Shock wave conduction medium: piezoelectric crystal vibrates together and sends out shock waves together. After the collection of the ellipsoid, all energy is focused on the treatment site; High energy density, and deep penetration.
3. Maximum focal point size: radial ≦±1.5mm, axial ≦±5mm.
4. Treatment depth: 0-44mm adjustable; Focus on precisely targeted therapy.
5. With 8 kinds of treatment heads, can be selected according to the needs of different diseases.
6. Touch screen display, simple and intuitive operation. Fixed shock wave mode and continuous shock mode can be adjusted.

The Piezoelectric ShockWave Therapy Device SH-CJB-II Parameters

Maximum Focus Size Radial ≦±1.5mm, Axial ≦±5mm
Treatment Depth 0-44mm adjustable
8 Kinds of Treatment Heads
Maximum Energy Density ≥ 0.6mJ/mm2
Pressure 10-60MPa
Energy Level 1-23
Frequency 1-8Hz
Single Shock Mode and Continuous Shock Mode
12.1 Inches Touch Screen
Human Anatomy Map, 10 Preset Treatment Protocols
Pulse Width Less Than 1us
Pressure Pulse Rise Time Less than 1us
Counting Function 100-7000, Step Difference 100
Operation Key A Trigger Key on The Handle of The Treatment Head