Overview of Electric Swing Rehab Adult Gait Trainer

The swing rehab gait trainer is widely used in hospitals, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation centers to train patients to stand and walk. The patient uses the healthy side exercise to drive the synchronous training of the affected side, simulates the normal skeletal load system, and performs standing walking training.

  • Cerebral palsy, Spinal cord injury, Poliomyelitis.
  • Stroke, cerebral trauma, spinal cord injury, after fracture operation, geriatric disease,
  • Coronary heart disease, chronic heart failure, diabetes, obesity.
rehab gait trainer
electric swing gait trainer
gait training equipment for adult

Features of Gait Trainer Walker for Adults

  1. Our adult swing rehab giant trainers are designed into two models: model with screen and model without a screen.
  2. Provide a sturdy support system to correct patients’ abnormal gait, suppress abnormal movements, primitive reflex activities, and rebuild normal exercise patterns.
  3. Improve overall patient coordination and improve cognitive function.
  4. Contextual interaction with standing walking training equipment enables patients to train in a virtual environment and stimulates active awareness.
  5. Patients can repeatedly observe the imitation exercises according to their own conditions, making the tedious rehabilitation training process easier and more interesting.
  6. Real-time training parameter feedback allows patients to easily grasp their own training situation.

Parameters of Adult Swing Giant Trainer

  • Model: SH-KB101(without screen)
  • Weight: 63kg
  • Dimension:1050x800x1600mm
  • Max loading:100kg
  • Min covering area:2.5×2.3m
  • Power consumption: 10w
gait trainer walker for adults
standing walking training equipment with Contextual interaction
  • Model: SH-KB102(with screen)
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Dimension:1050x800x1600mm
  • Max loading:100kg
  • Min covering area:2.5×2.3m
  • Power consumption: 10w
  • Screen: 10”