Overview of Pediatric Gait Trainer Rehab Walking Exercise Equipment

The swing rehab gait trainer walking exercise equipment is suitable for standing rehabilitation training for the patient and provides sturdy support. The patient uses the upper limb movement to drive the synchronous training of the lower limb movement, simulates the normal bone load system, and performs standing and walking training.

The gait training system corrects patients’ abnormal gait, inhibits abnormal and original reflex activities, reconstructs normal movement patterns, improves the overall coordination of patients, and improves cognitive function.

details of children Gait trainer walker for cerebral palsy

Application of Children Swing Rehab Gait Trainer

  1. Application field

Children’s rehabilitation departments of medical and health institutions at all levels, maternal and child health care centers, disabled persons’ federation rehabilitation centers, civil affairs welfare institutions, and other children’s rehabilitation institutions.

  1. Applicable groups

Children with movement disorders such as cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, and polio.

Features of Pediatric Gait Trainer Walker for Cerebral Palsy

  1. Combining situational interaction, let the patients enjoy the walking experience.
  2. Coordinating the situational interaction and standing walking training equipment, whichenables patients to train in a virtual environment and stimulate active awareness.
  3. Patients can observe the imitating exercises repeatedly according to their own situation, making the monotonous and boring rehabilitation training process easier and more interesting.
  4. Real-time training parameter feedback, which let patients easily grasp their own training situation.

Parameters of Children Gait Rehab Walking Exercise Equipment

  • Model: SH-KB201 (without screen)
  • Weight: 35kg
  • Dimension: 640x720x1000mm
  • Max loading:60kg
  • Min covering area: 2.5×2.3m
  • Power consumption: 10w
rehabilitation equipment for children gait training
gait trainer for kids
  • Model: SH-KB202(with screen)
  • Weight: 37kg
  • Dimension: 640x720x1000mm
  • Max loading:60kg
  • Min covering area: 2.5×2.3m
  • Power consumption: 10w
  • Screen: 10”