Overview of Microcomputer Control Tilt Table for Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

This microcomputer control tilt table is mainly used for paraplegia, cerebral palsy that who has the impaired standing function; also be used for other people to do standing training for the prevention of osteoporosis and improve the heart and lung function, and to prevent bedsores. When take standing exercises, ask patient lying down on bed panel and fix him with fixing strap and armrest desktop.

Tilt table used in physical therapy
  • The total time is adjusted from 0-60 mins

  • The tilt time is adjusted 0-9s

  • Intermittent time is adjusted 0-90s

  • Height-adjustable

  • Remote-controlled

  • 1 section

It consists of six parts: frame of training bed, armrest desktop, fixing strap, standing panels, bed panel and angle control device.

Features of Tilt Table Physiotherapy with Remote Control

  1. The position of the patient’s body can be changed by the operation of the angle control device. Its angle can be set within 0 degrees (prone position) to 60 degrees (standing position) at will.
  2. The enhanced base of this vertical bed makes it suitable for all types of patients with various body weights.
  3. The angle of the two pedals can be adjusted respectively.So it is capable of providing patients with a comfortable position of feet according to the angle difference of their ankle joint.
details of electrical lifting medical tilt bed

Technical Parameter of Remote Controlled Tilt Table

  • Model: SHQ-3
  • Power supply: AC220V Frequency: 50Hz
  • Power: 180W
  • Control type: inching hand shank keyboard, microcomputer control, and RF remote control
  • MP3 player
  • RF remote control
  • Remote control distance: 3m
  • Bed surface dimensions: 1780*620mm
  • Bed surface height: 550mm
  • Overall dimension: 2050*840*830mm
  • Standing up angle: 0°~90°continuous adjustable
  • Pedal up & down adjusting angle: -25°~25° adjustable( tolerance ±2°) (The relative horizontal is positive)
  • Pedal inward & outward adjusting angle: -30°~30° adjustable (double plate) (tolerance ±3 °)
  • Time can be set 0-60min adjustable, stand set 0~9 seconds adjustable, interval set 0~90 seconds adjustable.
  • The control drive system adopts five motors operating the equipment to realize electric control.
Standing up angle, 0°_90°continuous adjustable