Overview of Curb and Ramp Training Stairs

These curb and ramp training stairs can be used for a whole range of rehabilitation activities including ramp training, posture training and body mechanics. The curb & ramp training set consists of ONE ramp and THREE nested curbs stored below the ramp. Curbs can be set up to extend in any of 3 directions or curbs can be removed from the unit and used separately.

Curb and Ramp Training Stairs
Exercise ramp and curbs
Curb And Ramp Training Set

Ramp And Curb Set Features

  • 3 curbs with pull handles can be nested and stored under the ramp platform to save space

  • Anti-slip surface on ram and curbs

  • Designed for wheelchair mobility training& ambulation therapy

Application of Ramp and Curb Stair

  1. Medical gait rehabilitation walking ramp and curb stair is widely used in the rehabilitation center and hospital, it helps patients improve their walking and standing ability.
  2. Curb and Ramp Training Stairs provide a perfect practice area for wheelchair users and for those who need assistance with mobility when crossing curbs, ascending, and descending ramps.

Specification of Exercise Ramp and Curbs

  • Model: SH-BXB
  • Dimension(cm): 202~303×85×35
  • Weight: 61.0kg
  • Material: multilayer board, carpet
  • Load(kg): 100